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Local sites of interest for the cities of:

Rochester, NY
Miami, FL
Houston/Galveston, TX
Scottsdale, AZ
Dayton, OH

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Dolphins/Whales (including interspecies communications research)

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....and, stuff about me.

* = site/page personally highly recommended

   Local (Rochester, NY)


news:wny.general on Rochester, NY/Monroe County

(Not to be confused with Rochester, NY of Ulster County, or these other Rochesters)

Time/date/weather in Rochester, NY: (City of Rochester [city government page])

Why are we called 'The Flower City?'

Rochester Public Library homepage (With many local Rochester links) *, or (Rochester Downtown) (Visit Rochester) (arranging group meetings in Rochester) ('Wild Hearts' Lake Ontario charter catamaran sailing) ('Sam Patch' and 'Mary Jemison' Genesee River charter packet/river boats [Corn Hill Navigation]) ('Harbor Town Belle' Lake Ontario charter paddlewheel boat and dining) (Rochester Events) (Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester) (Rochester Museum and Science Center [including the Strasenburgh Planetarium]) (The Strong National Museum of Play)
Wikipedia on The Strong National Museum of Play (Memorial Art Gallery) (Strong Museum) (The George Eastman House) (The Susan B. Anthony House) (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra) (Rochester Housing Authority) (Rochester Business Journal)

Rochester Movie Theater schedules from (Rochester, New York 1963 promotional film, including opening of the [now defunct] Midtown Plaza, once the oldest indoor shopping mall) (Rochester abandoned subway tunnel [former Erie Canal bed/aqueduct]) (Historical canal images in downtown Rochester) (Monroe County, NY) (Monroe County Fair) (Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority [Including RTS buses])

Monroe County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Monroe County Emergency Communications (Amateur Radio Emergency Service [ARES]) (Irish Dance School) (Rochester Irish Festival [defunct?]) (Facebook presence) (Rochester Celtic Festival) (Facebook presence) (Rochester St. Patrick's Day parade)

Irish Import Shop (physical store closed) (Facebook presence) (North American Celtic Buyers Association) (...and the NACBA affiliates in New York State/Rochester:) (Monroe Community College) (Rochester Institute of Technology) (University of Rochester) (CITY news [newspaper]) (Democrat & Chronicle [newspaper]) (Spectrum News/Rochester) (WROC Channel 8 [CBS]) (WHEC Channel 10 [NBC]) (WHAM Channel 13 [ABC] with many local links) * (WXXI Channel 21/FM 91.5/AM 1370 [PBS])
WXXI FM/AM audio streams here (WUHF Channel 31 [FOX] with local links) (Digital Television broadcast channels in Western NY/Southern Ontario) (WHAM 1180khz) (WGMC 90.1mhz)
WGMC audio stream here (WCMF 96.5mhz)

Rochester, NY Broadcast Radio Stations: (AM) (FM) (Rochester Red Wings baseball) (Rochester Americans hockey) (Rochester Raging Rhinos soccer) (Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse) (Rochester RazorSharks basketball) (Monroe County Sting minor league football) (Blue Cross Arena/War Memorial [sports/entertainment]) (Greenlight Networks [residential optical fiber Internet service provider])
Stream or download this: (LocalNet [regional Internet service provider]) (Earthlink [nationwide Internet service provider]) (Juno [nationwide Internet/e-mail service provider]) (Eastman Kodak) (Xerox) (Redcom Laboratories) (Alliance Precision Plastics) (Optical Gaging Products) (Röchling Medical [formerly Advent Tool and Mold]) (New Frontier Society of Greater Rochester [local National Space Society chapter]) (Rochester's Astronomy Club) (Rochester Academy of Science) (Computer guru Nick Francesco's web page) (Sound Bytes [local radio/cablecast computer talk show]) (Ustream video stream) (Lee Drake) (local computer user groups) (LAN gaming center) (LAN gaming center) (Computer Link Magazine [local magazine]) (Guitar Center [musical instruments]) (House of Guitars [music/musical instruments]) (Jim's Service Center [automotive repair]) (Rochester Model Railroad Club) (Seabreeze amusement park) (Tops supermarkets) (Wegmans supermarkets) (New York State Lottery) (N.O.A.A./National Weather Service) (Greater Rochester International Airport [ROC])

   Local (Miami, FL) on Miami, FL

Other Miamis

Time/date/weather in Miami, FL: (Miami-Dade County government) (Miami Seaquarium) (Miami-Dade Community College) (University of Miami) (Miami-Dade Transit) (Big 105.9 [WBGG 105.9mhz]) (Miami area radio stations) (Miami Dolphins football) (Miami Heat basketball) (Miami Marlins baseball)

Miami Vice TV series opening credits

CSI: Miami TV series opening credits

Will Smith's Miami (Miami Emergency Alert) (N.O.A.A./National Weather Service [Miami]) (National Hurricane Center) (Miami International Airport [MIA])

   Local (Houston/Galveston, TX)

news:houston.general on Houston, TX

Other Houstons on Galveston, TX

Time/date/weather in Houston, TX: (Houston Chronicle newspaper) (Houston Area League of PC Users) (Kroger supermarkets)

(Houston Texans football) (Houston Rockets basketball) (Houston Astros baseball) (Clear Lake Fencing Club) (League City, TX Online) (League City Volunteer EMS) (ApolloCon SF convention) (Facebook presence) (NASA's Johnson Space Center) (Moody Gardens [Galveston]) (Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club) (KTRK Channel 13 [ABC]) (KTRH news radio 740khz) (Houston area radio stations) (N.O.A.A./National Weather Service [Houston]) (N.O.A.A./National Weather Service [Galveston]) (Texas Emergency Action Notification [EAS] plan) (The Houston Airport System)
George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)
Ellington Field (EFD)

   Local (Scottsdale, AZ)

Time/date/weather in Scottsdale, AZ: (N.O.A.A./National Weather Service [all Arizona]) (Phoenix Sky Harbor International, Scottsdale Municipal airports)

   Local (Dayton, OH) on Dayton, OH

Other Daytons

Time/date/weather in Dayton, OH: (Dayton Hamvention [amateur radio]) (Millennicon science fiction convention) (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base [including the U. S. Air Force Museum]) (N.O.A.A./National Weather Service [all Ohio]) (Dayton International Airport [DAY])

Search Engines

Search Engines: the basics

Search Engines: the basics (Google) * (Google Usenet newsgroup searches) * (Yahoo) * (Lycos Angelfire personal web pages) ( [formerly 'Ask Jeeves']) (HotBot) * (WebCrawler) (Lycos) ( (Dogpile [queries 13 search engines]) (MetaCrawler [multi search engines])

It's not strictly a search engine, but it's very useful... (Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia)

And... (Find Articles)

Instant Messaging/Teleconferencing Services

Instant Messaging: the basics on Instant Messaging client comparisons on Instant Messaging client protocols (ICQ) (Yahoo Messenger) (Google Hangouts) (Skype) ('How Microsoft Ruined Skype' [2020-06-05])

Comparison of web conferencing software:

Microsoft Teams
In Google app store
In Apple app store (operating system/browser requirements) (hardware requirements)
Wikipedia on Microsoft Teams
Google search on Microsoft Teams

Google Meet videoconferencing
Wikipedia on Google Meet
Google search on Google Meet

Google Duo (requires telephony-enababled Android and iOS devices)
Wikipedia on Google Duo
Google search on Google Duo

WhatsApp (requires telephony-enababled Android and iOS devices)
Wikipedia on WhatsApp
Google search on WhatsApp

FaceTime (for Apple OS-X [desk/laptop] and iOS [mobile] devices, only)
Wikipedia on FaceTime
Google search on FaceTime

Telegram Messenger (Windows / Macintosh / Linux / Android / iOS - Requires mobile phone number)
Wikipedia on Telegram
Google search on Telegram

Facebook Video Calling (ooVoo) (Jabber messaging [connects with other popular messaging services]) (Odigo messaging [connects with other popular messaging services]) ( [general Instant Messaging news]) (Camchatting videoconferencing [may be NSFW, watch for spyware]) (Zoom [corporate/institutional teleconferencing software]) (Cisco Webex Teleconferencing) (Go To Meeting [corporate/institutional teleconferencing software]) on Teleconferencing

Google search on Teleconferencing

International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (technical standards)

How To Look Good on Video Calls for Zoom FaceTime Skype

PicturePhone: How Bell Telephone lost a half billion, but nearly created the internet

Miscellaneous (John Lilly)
John Lilly videos (FTL/speculative physics/metaphysics/paranormal) * (Noetic research) (Hope-howse)

The Constitution of the United States of America (embrace it!)

The U.S. Declaration of Independence:

History of the Pledge of Alleigance: (Porky Pig and the Pledge)

The U.S. Natonal Anthem:
Other National Antherms

Oath of Office:

Oath of Enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces:

U.S. Naturalization Oath:

Wikipedia on The Presidential Line of Succession:
Google search on the Presidential Line of Succession

Google search on the Presidential Line of Succession

Federal spending and debt pie charts:,_2008 (Federal Budget, 1996-2009)

...And the sliver of it that is NASA: (linking to this 46.1mb podcast) (Powerpoint file)

Before you credit/blame a particular President or Congress (though both must sign off on the final Federal Budget), this is how the NASA budget is made: (United States Government) (United Nations) (American Civil Liberties Union) (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Amnesty International) (links to Holocaust educational/memorial sites) (Racism understood) (Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives [FDFI]: Abolishing all modern-day slavery/human trafficking)
Facebook presence
Google search on Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

Google search on Human Trafficking (World Future Society) (United Negro College Fund) (Mensa high I.Q. society) (Tech Central Station: where technology meets markets) (National Rifle Association) (Facebook social networking) (MySpace social networking) (LinkedIn professional networking) on Childfree [childlesness by choice] ( (Child-Free webring) (childfree pages at (Child-Free support for women) (Childfree Zone) (Childfree slang) (Do Kids make you Happy? Newsweek finds that the Emperor has no clothes...) (Nina Paley [artist/cartoonist/filmmaker/child-free supporter]) (Dutch childfree site) (Babes Without Babes[Edmonton, Alberta, Canada])

Respecting the Childfree choice (at

23 Things You Should Never Say To A Childfree Woman:

Childfree joke

"Fowl' language on parenthood:

'One More Soul' (the Bizarro, pro-natalist mirror-image of the childfree [its presence here is not an endorsement]) (U.S. and World population clock) (Population Connection [formerly Zero Population Growth]) (

But I don't advocate going quite this far...

Life-Extension, population growth and space settlement: The Long View...

Here's What A World Without Aging Might Look Like: (2021-06-28)

The Economics of indefinite life-extension: (with video) (with video)

Population pyramids:

The Challenge of Global Aging: Can we get healthy Life Extension before the system can no longer support the elderly? (2010-07-23)

Gravitas Plus: The world's fertility rate is falling. Here's why (2021-11-27 (Happily unmarried women [St. Mary Publishing co.])

Below are the reasons that nice guys finish last:

For me, the epiphany/revelation started with reading this almost overlooked message in July 2003, posted at the newsgroup. (Here's the rest of that thread)
And I followed the link to: (also at:

...also check these out: on the Ladder Theory (with discussion) on the Friend Zone on Bad Boys on Nice Guys
Usenet search on Nice Guys (The Fox-Grapes theory)
Guys, don't let this kind of thing happen to you!
Don't be this guy either...
Or, for God's sake, this guy!
Listen to Garfield (here, here and here). The fat cat knows what he's talking about...
Listen to Gordon Mayes, of 'For Better or For Worse.' A Nice Guy who sees a glimmer of the truth about relationships (among other things, don't be boring or too predictable), after learning that a girl lied to avoid dating him, in order to date a Bad Boy instead (1990-04-27)
Listen to Gloria Estefan tell us that 'Bad Boys' can make women hot....
ABC News on nice guys vs. bad boys
Yahoo! on nice guys vs. bad boys
Madlyn Rhue as Lt. Marla McGivers. She fell for the Baddest Boy of all. (But learn from her explanation before the fact.)
"The Last American Virgin" (1982) 'Nice Guys' will painfully identify with the ending of this movie... (Reviews at and
Listen to Bill Hicks' 'Chicks Dig Jerks' or see the lyrics here

Jordan Peterson: Why Do Nice Guys Nice Finish Last?

Why Women REALLY Reject Men - Jordan Peterson | Understanding Women

...and this is what 'nice guys' should know/can do about it: (David DeAngelo's mailbag)
Google search on David DeAngelo f_love_141817.htm (A freakin' nine year old who 'gets it' better than most adult guys do...!)
Alec's book at (Google search on "Alec Greven") on the seduction community

...and relatedly: (Fast Forces of Attraction) (Desperation: It's different for men and women...) (Woman 'Shortage' part 1) (part 2) (part 3) ('Human Nature') (Dating, in the age of Darwin) (Pick-Up Artists and Evolutionary Biology)

Yes, men do like curvaceous women...and the reasons are complex, surprising and

'What Men Want' (Yes, we want sex, but believe it or not, it isn't just sex...)

Upset Men and Happy Women...

Why Women Can't Find A Good Man...

What really causes affairs...

Why love literally hurts: (Deborah Tannen tells us how Men and Women use language...) (2007) (quotes) (quotes)
Google video search on Deborah Tannen

The above may explain this excerpt from the Male Rules viral e-mail:
"Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for." (Anthropologist Helen Fisher) ('The Chemistry of Love' transcript...) (...or 8.4mb .mp3 podcast) (Still more Chemistry of Love:) (26.4mb .mp3 podcast) (streaming and downloadable .mp3 audio and .mp4 video) ('Why Do Fools Fall In Love?' YouTube video) (Helen Fisher: This is Your Brain on Love) (The Science of Love, and the Future of Women) (Do you love someone enough to cross two continents with them, then prove it with a brain scan?) (Tinder Won't Change Love [2016]) (The Science of Love [2020-02-14])

Dr. Gail Saltz: How Your Brain Rewards Love Is a Double-Edged Sword

The Origins of Envy:

Happily Ever After: Isaac Arthur on the Future of Relationships (what the '98 pound weaklings' always understood...) (The London Seduction Society)

Don't get your news and information from e-mails and social media posts of unknown origin, the vast majority of them are lying to you... on Urban Legends on Urban Legend References

Google search on Urban legends

Yahoo! on Urban Legends

The Top 10 Urban Legend sites: (political confirmation/debunking) (celebrity gossip confirmation/debunking)

Hear Nick Francesco's rant on hoax e-mails and Tweets, 51 minutes into this podcast

The Dark Side of Social Media:

We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci - YouTube (2017-11-17)

How technology can fight extremism and online harassment | Yasmin Green (2018-06-27)

The Facebook Dilemma, Part One (full film) | FRONTLINE (2018-10-29)

The Facebook Dilemma, Part Two (broadcast stream) | FRONTLINE (2018-10-30)

How Technology Destroyed The Truth | Answers With Joe - YouTube (2019-03-04)

A protected right? Free speech and social media (CBS News) (2021-01-17)

The Darwin Awards: Stupidity removing itself from the gene pool...
Google search on the "Darwin Awards"

Image of Ireland County Map

Image of Ireland flag ( FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions])

Time/date/weather in Dublin, Ireland:

Time/date/weather in Belfast, Northern Ireland: (The Government of Ireland)

Ireland satellite images:

Irish county name translations: (Irish America magazine for the American 'Wild Geese') (Irish tourism magazine) (Irish Connection magazine) (Irish Roots magazine) (News on anything Irish) (Celtic Life magazine) (On-line shopping from Ireland) (The Irish Jewelry company) (Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry) (Irish Mythology/Folklore/Drama) (Glenafooka: Modern Irish supernatural beliefs [with video])

The Tomb of Newgrange (Meath County) (Clannad 'New Grange' song lyrics)
Clannad New Grange video and live performance (1997) (Irish dance video workshop) (Irish statistics) (Irish statistics) on Celtic Tiger, symbolizing Ireland's economic boom

The 'Black Irish.' Who, if anyone, are they?

...but they probably didn't mean these people, who are 'Black Irish' in another sense: (Muhammad Ali) (Mariah Carey) (Martin Luther King, Jr.) (Barack Obama)

Does Irish oppression really compare to African-American slavery? (Rochester Irish Festival [defunct?]) (Facebook presence) (Rochester Celtic Festival) (Facebook presence) (Rochester St. Patrick's Day parade [Rochester, NY]) (Niagara Celtic Festival) (New York Irish Center [New York City]) (Irish American Cultural Institute) (Celtic Art) (Celtic Art House [modern Celtic art, crafts, and gifts])

Google search on celtic font. (Irish Examiner [newspaper]) (Moller air cars) (Trek Aerospace [formerly Solotrek]) (Martin Jet Pack [ducted fan]) (Eudora [e-mail client]) (Thunderbird [e-mail client]) (Thunderbird [Native American Indian legend]) (Thunderbird [Ford motor vehicle]) ('The Fabulous Thunderbirds' [singers]) (Thunderbirds [British TV series]) (Thunderbirds [live-action movie based on the British TV series]) (Thunderbirds [U.S. Air Force aerobatic team]) (Blue Angels [U.S. Navy aerobatic team]) (Snowbirds [R.C.A.F aerobatic team]) (Government of Canada)

'O Canada,' the Canadian National Anthem (shorten long URLs for e-mail, newsgroups, other uses) (United Parcel Service) (Federal Express) (United States Postal Service) (Postal Service 10-digit Zip Code lookup)

Antarctic Treaty:

Antarctic Treaty on Tourism:

PBS on Antarctic Tourism: (2019-04-17)

NPR on Antarctica Invasive Species: (2012-03-06) (2018-12-19)

BBC on Antarctica Invasive Species: (2011-01-10)

Google search on Antarctic Treaty (The Explorers Club) (Mapquest custom travel map utility) (American Express Travel [formerly] airline/travel reservations)* (Travelocity airline/travel reservations) (Orbitz airline/travel reservations) (Expedia airline/travel reservations) (what you can and can't carry aboard airliners...) (U.K.) (Airport Codes: Three Letters And A Few Unsolved Mysteries, with podcast) (Flight Tracker [track planes with airline and flight number]) (Florida Today newspaper) (medical info) (Medline [medical/pharmaceutical info])* (International Red Cross) (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) (American Red Cross) (The Weather Channel) (Earthwatch satellite weather) (National Hurricane Center) (Weather Site Inc. [free weather service]) on Weather Records (highest/lowest temperatures, wind speeds etc.) on Wind Chill on Heat Index
Criticisms of both

Library Dewey Decimal location for materials on Personal Finance: 332.024 (personal finance and investment)
Suze Orman at
Chuck Jaffe's view of Suze's approach (personal finance)
Dave Ramsey at (personal finance and investment)
Andrew Tobias's book 'The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need' at (personal finance and investment) (personal finance and investment) (personal finance) (GnuCash open-source, personal finance and small business accounting software for Windows, Macintosh and Linux)

Personal finance concerns for life-extensionists:

Investment/Retirement when aging ceases to matter: Personal finance concerns for life-extensionists (2013): (30.2mb podcast part 1) (31.9mb podcast part 2)

Financial Implications of Extreme Longevity:

The Future of Pensions | | LEAF: (2019-05-15)

Aubrey de Gray and Joe Rogan: Does Work Have a Place in a Post-Aging World? (2020-02-26)

Here's What A World Without Aging Might Look Like: (2021-06-28)

Andrew Chanin on Global Space Exchange-Traded Fund (ET), commercial space investing

The Secret History of the Credit Card (full documentary) | FRONTLINE (2021-12-14)

Credit Cards: The Business of Enslaving Poor People (2021-12-30)

Quick Credit And The Hidden Cost To The Economy : Hidden Brain : NPR (2020-06-22)

Paul Spiegel Beyond retirement, a new social compact for the age of longevity

Ray Dalio, on how the economy works: (How The Economic Machine Works, in 30 minutes )
Google search on Ray Dalio (Banking Explained) (23andMe ancestry through DNA testing)
Google search (AncestryDNA ancestry through DNA testing)
Google search (MyHeratage DNA ancestry through DNA testing)
Google search (Juno webmail [also accessable through 'My Juno' dial-up]) (FrontierNet e-mail on-line) (Google Gmail e-mail) (Bulletin Board Systems [remember them?]) (Carfax [use VIN number to research used vehicle history]) (SPAM on 'spam' [What Hormel thinks of unsolicited e-mail])
'Spam' (other meanings) (...but others want the right to use 'SPAM' in the e-mail context) (The HT Guys [digital TV/home theater information]) (Facebook) (Television/Computer display formats) (3D TV FAQ at

Is that movie Real, two-camera 3D, or Fake 2D post-production processed 3D? (Motion Picture and High Definition Televion aspect ratios) (2018-02-23 @ 39:05)
Google search on Aspect Ratio+movies
'Aspect Ratio' (other meanings) on video 'Letterbox:' on video 'Pillarbox' (a.k.a. 'columns'): on video 'Windowbox:'

Endgadget on ATSC, PSIP, QAM, and 8-VSB: on NTSC (National Television Systems Committee) Analog Broadcast TV tuners: on ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) Digital Broadcast TV tuners: on QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) Digital Cable TV tuners:

MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) video compression standards: (Google search on MPEG)

The truth about TV 'refresh rates:'

Doug Trumbull, Brainstorm, and the beginnings of 'high frame rate' movies:

How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys:

How Astronauts On The International Space Station Watch TV & Movies

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection standard: (Google search on HDMI)

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) secure digital content transfer standard: (Google search on HDCP)

DLNA: The Digital Living Network Alliance (digital media on your home network) (YouTube video) (YouTube video) (YouTube video)
Google search on DLNA

Speaker Audio Channels Explained: (subwoofers)
Wikipedia on 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound (DVD-FAQ) (Cnet on DVD upconversion) (Divx player for Windows 2000/XP/Vista) (VideoReDo MPEG video editing) on Video Sharing (Google Video) (YouTube) (Yahoo! Video) ( (Miro open-source video downloader/player for Windows/Mac OS-X/Linux) (Miro video converter) (VLC Media Player) 64-bit VLC Media Player for Microsoft Windows, via Facebook (4K Video Downloader to save YouTube, Vimeo, other video) ('KeepVid:' Paste in URL to download and save streaming video) (Gracenote music database) (Freedb music database)

Other Music Databases (USS Nautilus [first nuclear powered sub] at the US Navy Submarine Force Museum) (touring nuclear weapons history) (National Cowgirl Museum)

news:rec.models.railroad (Rochester Model Railroad Club) (Model Railroader magazine) (webcam views of various train stations)

Dominique's cameras list (in French/en Français) ('Earthcam' webcam links) (Texas Instruments calculators) (Hewlett-Packard calculators) (Casio calculators) (Alternative Energy Engineering [alternate power]) (solar battery chargers) (Home Power magazine) (Solar Today magazine) (alternate power)

News Sources (ABC News) (CBS News) (MSNBC) (CNN) (USA Today) (BBC News [UK]) (Associated Press) (United Press International) (Reuters) (Canada) (Australia) (Ireland) (Russia) (People's Daily [China]) (Al-Jazeera [Arabic])

Google 'news' search (Committee to Protect Journalists)

Religion (and related philosophies)

Wikipedia on Religion (other meanings)
Google search on Religion

Wikipedia on Philosophy (other meanings)
Google search on Philosophy

'The Golden Rule' (a.k.a. 'The Ethic of Reciprocity') almost every belief's got one...

Life's purpose, as seen by different beliefs:


Religions, Faith Groups, Ethical Systems, etc. at

The five major world religions - John Bellaimey:

World Religious Beliefs: Numbers and Percentage of Adherents

Religious Identification:

What U.S. Religious Groups Really Think About One Another:

The History of 90 seconds!

The Evolution of God:

What is the Value of Religion?

'Believing' in Electrons vs. Fairies:

Free eBooks of religious works at on Religion
Google search on Religion on Christianity
Google search on Christianity on Judiasm
Google search on Judiasm on Islam
Google search on Islam on Buddhism
Google search on Buddhism on Hinduism
Google search on Hinduism on Confucianism
Google search on Confucianism on Shintoism
Google search on Shintoism on Native American Mythology
Google search on Native American Religion on Wicca
Google search on Wicca on Scientology
Google search on Scientology on Agnostic
Google search on Agnostic on Atheist
Google search on Atheist on Humanist
Google search on Humanist

Military Chaplains: Ministering to military personnel (Military Chaplains Association)
The Chaplain most of us knew...
Google search on Military Chaplains

ABC News on the Four Ways Americans View God:

Connections: Atheism and politics (podcast):

Mayim Bialik on Science and Religion:

Mind the Gap Between Science and Religion

Religion and Transhumanism: (part 1, with link to 26.3mb podcast) (part 2, with link to 27.5mb podcast)
(141kb PDF file, 18.2mb Powerpoint file)

Christians Should Support Scientists and Technologists:

Islam and space research:

Dr. John Brandenburg on Metaphysics, physics, ancient history, the Bible, life's meaning:

Morality and God:

Philosophical arguments for the existence of God:

Dagfinn Sjaastad Karlsen on God and the Benefits of Existence:

Why We’ll Still Be Fighting About Religious Freedom 200 Years From Now:

The 6 Crappiest Apocalypses, According to World Religions:

Philosopher Dan Dennett calls for religion — all religion — to be taught in schools:

Religion in the Time of Superintelligence:

When AI discovers Religion:

Religion and Technological 'Immortality:'

Buddhism, Robot Ethics, the beginnigs of IEET and more, with James Hughes: (streaming/downloadable audio)

Religion won't stop radical life extension - Aubrey de Grey (2020-07-30)

The Extraterrestrial Sermons: How a definite SETI contact might affect world religions
...and: (with multiple comments by me)

God in the age of Alien Earths:

Should Humanity take religion with them into interstellar space? (with multiple comments by me)

Are Religious Beliefs Going To Screw Up First Contact?

How Would Christianity Deal with Extraterrestrial Life?

Would Finding Alien Life Change Religious Philosophies? (with multiple comments by me)

Vatican Observatory Directors Guy Consolmagno and George Coyne — 'Asteroids, Stars, and the Love of God:' (49.6mb podcast) (The Vatican Observatory)

Anthropologist Dr. Deana Weibel, on Space Tourism in the Context of Faith: (2020-04-24)

Anthropologist Dr. Deana Weibel discusses her newly published paper, "The Overview Effect and the Ultraview Effect: How Extreme Experiences in/of Outer Space Influence Religious Beliefs in Astronauts" (2020-10-16)

Dr. Adam Frank (of the U of R), author of "The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate:" (56.2mb podcast)

Astrophysicist and science fiction writer Gregory Benford on 'Evil:'

Joe Scott: A Scientific Explanation For God?

Can morality be derived from scientific principles? (25.6mb podcast [2013])

What God, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness Have in Common (2021-08-14)

Could it be that we just lack...Humility? (Carl Sagan)

Or simple gratitude? (A.J. Jacobs)

Image of superheroes that met gods

Religion, in a Universe of Superheroes:
Steve 'Captain America' Rogers, devout monotheist

Religion in TV Science Fiction:

Rudy Rucker on 'Science Fiction Religions:'

Wikipedia's List of religious ideas in science fiction:

Whatever your belief, if any at all, it's probably in this commercial:

Here's how to decide which religion you should observe

But there are also... (Parody Religions)

...and: ("Shit Happens" as seen by different beliefs)


Sectarian Violence in the name of one's religious beliefs.

Wiccan/Pagan/Shamanist sites







Google search on 'Wicca'

Google search on 'Pagan'

Google search on 'Shaman' on Witchcraft on Wicca on Pagan

Wiccan Web Rings

Pagan Web Ring ('Wicca' at (The Celtic Connection) (Voice of the Witch) (Gypsy Magick) (Sage Woman magazine) (Pan Gaia magazine) (Moon phase information) (YouTube video [2022]) (Salem Witch Museum)
Google search (The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Cornwall, UK)
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Little Witch Academia (Japanese anime, 2013)

Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of OZ (Broadway musical, 2005)

Bewitched (movie, based on TV series, 2005)

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
The animated series (voiced by Emily Hart, debut 1999)...
based on the live action series (played by Melissa Joan Hart, 1996-2003)...
based on the Archie comic book character (introduced in 1962)

Practical Magic (movie, 1998)

The Craft (movie, 1996)

The Witches of Eastwick (movie, 1987)
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Bewitched (TV series, 1964-1972)

Bell, Book and Candle (movie, 1958)

...And: YouTube streaming video 'Witch Mix' (Vocals: Eartha Kitt)

Plus Hanna-Barbera's Cattanooga Cats: 'My Girlfriend Is A Witch'



Wikipedia on Science (other meanings)
Google search on Science

Understand the multiple definitions of the word Theory. Laypeople tend to use the word 'theory,' in the way science uses the word 'Hypothesis' Know the difference.

How Science differs from Religion and Philosophy in its requirement for potential Falsafiability

'Believing' in Electrons vs. Fairies:

Sabine Hossenfelder: 'How To Tell Science from Pseudoscience'

5 Basic Scientific Concepts to Help You Spot Pseudoscience

The Scientific Method (embrace it!): (18.8mb podcast)

Mayim Bialik, actress and neurobiologist on women in science: (The Nobel Prize) (National Science Foundation) (Science) (Nature) (Scientific American) (Science News magazine) (New Scientist magazine [UK]) (MIT's Technology Review magazine) (Discover magazine) (The Discovery Channel) (Cable News Network/Science and Technology) (Public Broadcasting System/Nova) (National Public Radio/science) (NPR's Science Friday) (NPR's All Tech Considered) ('Coldfusion' cutting edge technology) (Ars Technica) (SciTechDaily) (Science Daily) (Live Science) (The Future Of Things) (Carnival of Tomorrow weblog) ('Futurismic' weblog) ('Living on Earth' radio show/podcast [science/environment information])

Video sites that make you think: (enabling mathematical and scientific thinking skills) (Facebook presence) (Facebook presence)

Isaac Arthur science and technology channel:
Google search on Isaac Arthur

John Michael Godier's 'Event Horizon' (with Eryn Knight as 'ANNA')
Google search on John Michael Godier

PBS 'Space Time' (astrophysics / particle physics / theoretical physics for the intermediate and avanced)
Wikipedia on host Matt O'Dowd
Facebook presence
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Physics with Sabine Hossenfelder:
Facebook presence
Google search on Sabine Hossenfelder (Rochester Academy of Science) (Rationally Speaking | Official Podcast of New York City Skeptics)
Rationally Speaking Podcast Archive (Analog magazine 'Alternate View' columns) * (Sandia National Labs) (Los Alamos National Laboratory) (DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) (the 'mad scientists' of DARPA [streaming and downloadable video and audio])
Sharon Weinberger disccusses her book on DARPA; "Imagineers of War"
Google search on DARPA (AFRL the Air Force Research Laboratory) (Facebook presence)
Google search on AFRL (NRL the Naval Research Laboratory)
Google search on NRL (U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science) (U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation) (Bell Labs [Lucent Technologies]) (IBM research) (Food and Drug Administration) (Scientifics [Edmund Scientific science products])

The Map of Physics: (video) (image) (Sabine Hossenfelder: 'What does a theoretical physicist do?' [2019-12-20])

Physics at the Planck Scale: (Beyond the Planck Scale - Ask a Spaceman!) (Planck's Constant and The Origin of Quantum Mechanics | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios) (Does nature have a minimal length? - Sabine Hossenfelder) (David Deutsch [quantum computers/alternate quantum universes]) ('Many-Worlds Interpretation' of Quantum Physics) (Joe Scott [2019-06-10]) (Sean Carroll: Are There Many Worlds? [2019-09-12]) (Sean Carroll: Universe a 'tiny sliver' of all there is [2019-09-15]) (physicist Michio Kaku) (astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson) (physicist John G. Cramer) (Milan M. ?irkovi?'s web page) on Carl Sagan on Albert Einstein on Roger Penrose on Stephen Hawking on Kip S. Thorne on Max Tegmark (on consciousness)
Google search on Max Tegmark on Freeman Dyson (deceased, 2020-02-28)
...and the stellar energy collecting 'Dyson Sphere'

Fusion By 'Deuce' of FurryMUCK =^.^=

Google search on Aneutronic Fusion and Dr. Bogdan Maglich aneutronic reactor designer (Bogdan Maglich - Exyder, the Soft Fusion Energy Path @ TEAC6 2014-06-23) on Aneutronic Fusion on Robert Bussard
...and the Bussard Ramjet starship and aneutronic fusion reactor research: (with video) (Dr. Matthew Moynihan on Polywell fusion, 52.6mb podcast)
1.5 hour streaming Google Video of Robert Bussard on aneutronic fusion
Schematic YouTube Video of the 'Polywell' concept

...And relatedly, Tom Ligon on exotic (and small) nuclear fusion reactors: (YouTube video) (33mb .mp3 audio)

1hr, 4min streaming Google video (Eric Lerner discusses Focus Fusion researh progress on The Space Show) (Eric Lerner discusses Focus Fusion researh progress on The Future and You) (46.8nb podcast) (more Focus Fusion developments [YouTube video])

'CrossFire' aneutronic fusion:
Google video search on CrossFire Fusion

More Proton-Boron fusion links:

'The Nuclear Option' Isaac Arthur (2017-05-04)

Interplanetary Nuclear Fusion Rockets, A Mini-Documentary | AsteronX (2015-06-03)

Fusion/MHD propulsion in the atmosphere?

And more exotic fusion propulsion prospects:

Princeton Direct Fusion Drive for deep space flight:
Google search on Stephanie Thomas Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.
Google earch on Direct Fusion Drive on Fusion Rockets
Google search on Fusion Rockets on Fusion Power

But can Tokamak fusion ever be economical? on plasma (ionized gas)
'Plasma' (other meanings) (Hans Moravec home page [Robots/Artificial Intelligence]) (SF writer/physicist Dr. Robert Forward[deceased]) on Tachyons (theoretical class of FTL particles, of 'imaginary' number, non-zero rest masses)
Scientific American on Tachyons

Are some neutrinos tachyonic?
Google search on imaginary neutrino mass

Unfortunately, this was not proof of it... (CERN, September 2011) (with comments by me, as delphinus100) (with comments by me, as delphinus100) (with comments by me, as delphinus100) (New findings and speculations in particle physics [including FTL neutrinos] presented at the 2012 Libertycon Science fiction convention)
(61.9mb podcast)

Google search on tachyonic neutrinos

An animated Albert Einstein on tachyonic neutrinos:

Robert Ehrlich on Tachyonic Neutrinos: (abstract and full paper PDF)
Google search on "Robert Ehrlich"+"tachyons" (Ask Ethan: Do Neutrinos Always Travel At Nearly The Speed Of Light? [2020-08-28])

More strange neutrino stuff at and Space Pod (Tachyons [if they exist] as reaction mass?)

See also:
"What are Tachyons, and What Could We Do with Them?" by Gerald Feinberg
'Ahead of Time' ed. Harry Harrison & Theodore J. Gordon, Doubleday 1972

When Will SF Learn to Love the Tachyon Rocket? | (2018-08-17)

NASA sponsored speculative FTL workshop:

Initiative for Interstellar Studies (Advanced Propulsion 3: Bending Space and Time [2021-02-28])

Analog magazine 'Alternate View' columns (FTL/speculative physics) *
http://www.npl.washington/av on Miguel Alcubierre
...and his 'Warp Drive' (It's hard to call it anything else) (2017-12-01) (2019-06-06)
Google search on "Miguel Alcubierre"+"Warp Drive"

Dr. John Brandenburg on 'GEM Unification Theory,' FTL neutrinos, Einstein and Tesla and more: (64.8mb podcast)

Greg Meholic on nuclear and other advanced space propulsion (even FTL!): (52.4mb podcast) (45.4mb podcast) (44.3mb podcast) (Google search)

Martin Tajmar and exotic physics for space travel (even antigravity!): (Google search)

Dr. James Woodward on exotic physics for space travel: (42.7mb podacast) (73.2mb podcast) (2021-01-14) (2021-08-11) (2022-02-20)
Google search on 'James Woodward Mach Effect'

John Cramer on James Woodward's Mach Thruster, other exotic physics, and life-extension:

Dr. Eric Davis and Marc Millis, on exotic propulsion, FTL, antigravity, negative matter, and more: (54.2mb podcast) ( mb podcast)
Google search on 'Frontiers of Propulsion Science' book

Marc Millis on breakthrough propulsion/interstellar travel prospects: (45.8mb podcast) ( 42.3mb podcast)

John Batchelor, Marc Millis, Dr. David Livingston on wormholes, fastet-than-light travel, and the physics of the movie 'Interstellar:' (4.4mb podcast)

Dr. Richard Obousy, Dr. Eric Davis on the Alcubierre warp drive, traversable wormholes, and FTL travel: (50.6mb podcast) (6.3mb podcast) (27.5mb podcast) (video, 9/2012)
Google Search on Dr. Richard Obousy
Google Search on Dr. Eric Davis

Is The Alcubierre Warp Drive Possible? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios (2015-10-28)

Superluminal Time Travel + Time Warp Challenge Answer | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios : (2021-11-14)

EMDrives and Q-Thrusters 'Propellantlesss' (but not truly 'reactionless,' we're told) space drives
TMRO on EMDrives: (2016-04-25) (2016-05-08) (2017-02-05)
If they work, what performance might they have? (November 2014) (dead end for EMDrive?) (2018-06-22) (2018-07-14)

Space Vision 2013: Dr. Harold White on FTL Warp Drive and 'Q Thrusters' (November 2013)

To the stars via wormholes, with John Cramer (video):

If we had wormholes (or other FTL?), would civilizations find themselves using them in one narrow 'spacelike' slice of galactic history?
Google search on empire+time+extropy

Faster Than Light FAQ

Isaac Arthur Faster Than Light Technologies
Episode 01: Quantum Entanglement
Episode 02: Tachyons and Time Travel
Episode 03: Alcubierre Warp Drives
Episode 04: Wormholes

More FTL speculation:

Catherine Asaro on FTL:

Geoffrey A. Landis, Robert L. Forward, John G. Cramer, and Gregory Benford on FTL;

Sabine Hossenfelder on FTL: (2020-05-22)

Using FTL in science fiction: ('Atomic Rockets' on FTL in Fiction Part 1) ('Atomic Rockets' on FTL in Fiction Part 2) (PBS Space Time: Superluminal Time Travel + Time Warp Challenge Answer) (FTL in science fiction from the Star Trek perspective)

FTL photons?

The Speed of Light is NOT About Light | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Maxwell's Equations and the Speed of Light:

2012 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Faster Than the Speed of Light on Faster-Than-Light on Luxons (all lightspeed particles, zero rest mass) on Tardyons/Bradyons (all sublight particles, of 'real' number, non-zero rest masses) on Wormholes on Black Holes on Hyperspace on Anti-Gravity on Gravitational Waves (The Gravity Research Foundation)

Sabine Hossenfelder on Testing Quantum Gravity on Reactionless Drives
And, Reactionless Drives in science fiction on Exotic/Negative Matter (2019-01-30) on The Casimir Effect on Time Travel on Tipler Cylinder on Quantum Entanglement on Quantum Teleportation

More on Quantum Teleportation nt-ph/9806082

Isaac Arthur on Teleportation: (2018-03-22)

Sabine Hossenfelder on Teleportation: (2020-10-23)

Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than Light? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios on Quantum Channel Communication on Retrocausality on Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser (PBS Space Time [2016-08-10]) (Answers with Joe [2019-11-25]) (Sabine Hossenfelder [2021-10-30])
Google search

Quantum entanglement and retrocausalty: The possibility of signaling Faster Than Light and backwards in time (even if only 50 microseconds) with John Cramer .html's%20Upcoming%20Retrocausality%20Experiment%20Back%20From%20The%20Future%20-%20new%20twist.pdf (2006-11-20) (2008-01-09) (2015-05-06) (2020-07-01) (2012-10-05) (2015-04-06)
John Cramer discusses quantum entanglement and retrocausality at the Apollocon science fiction convention (2007 picture by Frank Glover)

John Cramer discusses quantum signalling, retrocausalty, wormholes, and other advanced physics: (45.5mb podcast)

Quantum correlations with no causal order:

Naked Singlarities: Dissolving an Event Horizon - PBS Space Time (2020-06-30) (Infinite Energy magazine [cold fusion, zero-point energy]) on Quantum Mysticism on Consciousness on Quantum Consciousness

Discover Magazine on Quantum Biology

Quantum Biology at

Google search on Quantum Biology (on the [possibly quantum] nature of consciousness) (video) (video) (with embedded video) (with embedded video) (link to the above video)

Isaac Arthur on Consciousness and Identity:

Max Tegmark on consciousness:

Is Consciousness a 'state of matter?'

Does Consciousness Influence Quantum Mechanics?

Sabine Hossenfelder: The Mathematics of Consciousness (2021-01-09)

Sabine Hossenfelder on 'free will:' (2020-10-10)

Matt O'Dowd on 'free will:' (2020-11-11)

The 'Anthropic Principle' (YouTube video - Richard Dawkins)
Google search on "Anthropic Principle"

The 'Mediocrity Principle' (Wiki video) (Copernican Principle)
Google search on "The Mediocrity Principle'

Is the Universe Infinite? If so, could we meet copies of ourselves, if we go far enough? (Fraser Cain) (Robert Krulwich and Brian Greene, 49.5mb podcast) (Isaac Arthur on 'many-worlds' quantum multiverses [See also: Isaac Arthur on Consciousness and Identity])

Was The Universe Born From Nothing? (2022-01-28)

Fate of Earth and the Universe, in the Far, FAR, freaking FAR future...! (YouTube/ video) (The Last Star in the Universe – Red Dwarfs Explained - YouTube) (The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs - YouTube) ('How Will the Universe End?' PBS Digital Studios | Space Time) ('The Star at the End of Time' PBS Digital Studios | Space Time) (Isaac Arthur on 'Civilizations at the End of Time')
Isaac Arthur and Paul M. Sutter, 'The Compendium of Doom' Part 1 and Part 2 (Paul Shillito and Ethan Siegel: The End of the Universe) (TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time) (Deep Time: Crash Course Astronomy #45) (The End of the Universe - with Geraint Lewis [2018-03-10]) (What Happens After the Universe Ends?) (Dr. Matt Caplan on 'black dwarf supernovas' and the end of the Universe [2020-09-04]) (AGE of UNIVERSE - TIME in perspective [2021-05-08]) ('End of Eternity' Big picture Science [2022-05-23])

Oh Yeah? Isaac Arthur on 'Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe:' (2020-02-13)
Google search on Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe

Isaac Arthur on 'Civilizations at the End of Time: The Big Rip' (2022-01-20) (FTL/speculative physics/metaphysics/paranormal) * (Fred Alan Wolf) (Fringey but interesting physics/metaphysics)

Software/Operating Systems ('Mosaic' [the first] web browser) ('Netscape' web browser) (Netscape archives)
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Google search on Libre Office vs. Open Office (Libre Office) (Revo Uninstaller [uninstall utility superior to Windows Add/Remove Programs]) (CCleaner registry cleaner)

Smithsonian Folkways recordings 'The Science of Sound' Compact Disc or .mp3 download (short version and long version) (Spectragram) * (Spectragram [freeware Win 3.x]) * (Pioneer Hill Software [Spectra Plus]) * (Analyzer 2000 spectrum analysis) * (Sonic Visualizer) on Digital Audio Editors (GoldWave sound file processing software) * (Audacity sound file processing software) * (Cakewalk [sound and music software]) * (G-Force/Soundskies/other media player visualizations display)* (Cthugha music driven graphic display)* (computer animated music) (CompuShow graphics viewer)* (LView graphics viewer) on Computer Generated Imagery on Computer Graphics on 3-D Computer graphics on Computer Graphics Software (Photoshop image editing software) (GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program) (GIMP download page for Windows/Macintosh/Linux)
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'Reality' rendering plug-in for Poser, and Daz Studio: (User Manuals for all versions [.pdf])
Google search on Rreality 4 render ('Bryce' 3D graphics software) &qt=Bryce%205.5&tag=srch&trid=658315134 ('Bryce' graphics software [free version 5.5]) ('Blender' 3D graphics freeware)
Blender download page for Windows/Macintosh/Linux
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Blender software (Unreal Graphics Engine)
Unreal downlaod page for Windows/Macintosh (no Linux installer as yet, but if you're serious about it...)
Unreal Engine 5 Resources
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Unreal Engine vs Unity ('POVRay' 3D graphics freeware) (OpenFX 3D graphics freeware) (3D graphics information, tools) (Collada graphics software standard) (Google search)

Wikipedia on Open GL

Wikipedia on Open CL (Animation Artist [computer generated/assisted film animation]) (3D World [UK])

The 'Uncanny Valley' phenomenon of computer animation and robotics
Final_Fantasy: The Spirits Within and The Polar Express (were these movies victims of the Uncanny Valley effect? [plus a weak story for 'Final Fantasy']) 5/MacDormanCogSci2005AS.pdf tml
Google search on 'Uncanny Valley'

View the 'Heavy Rain' video (demonstrating new CGI technology for PlayStation) here
...and a forum discussion here and here (Benjamin Button: Climbing the far side of the 'Uncanny Valley')

See also: on Looker, S1m0ne, Eve Tokimatsuri, Hatsune Miku, Aimi Eguchi
Body scanning scene from Looker (Susan Dey [1981])
Creating young Schwarzenegger body double for Terminator Genisys (Arnold Schwarzenegger [2015]) on Computers Making Movies:

10 Differences Between Disney And Pixar Movies You Never Noticed: (2017-08-25)

The Next Leap How A.I. will change the 3D industry: (2018-11-05)

Unreal Engine 5 - The Future of Filmmaking? (2021-03-02)

Inside an Unreal LED Video Wall! (XR Virtual Production) (2021-09-15)

How A.I will affect the art industry (2021-09-24) (wave file collections)

news:alt.binaries.sounds.movies (movie sound files)

news:alt.binaries.sounds.midi (midi files and discussions) (Anvil Studio music composotion and notation software) (Anvil Studio music composotion and notation software)
Facebook presence (Anvil Studio 64-bit download [beta]) (MuseScore music composotion and notation software)

Wikipedia on MIDI editors and sequencers (Simtel shareware archives) * (Simtel shareware archives) * (Tucows shareware files) (shareware files) (shareware files) (shareware files) (shareware and other files) (shareware and other files) (shareware files) (peripheral drivers) (Major Geeks computer utilities) (Andromeda Software) (TCP-UDP ports) on Internet2 on IPV6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) (Reverse DNS information),,sid19_gci917504,00.html (Internet Traffic Report [Current Internet useage])

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Memory limits of Microsoft Windows operating systems (XP and above)
also at

Resource-sucking parts of Vista (and other versions of Microsoft Windows) you can live without: (Tweak Windows Vista) (Tweak Windows XP [32-bit]) (Tweak Windows XP [64-bit]) (Tweak Windows 2000 SP4) (Windows tips/workarounds/fixes) (Windows tips/workarounds/fixes)

Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) FAQ (dual-processor/multiple core system users) (The OS News) (The OS files [multiple operating system support])

GRUB, the GRand Unified Boot loader (tutorial) (tutorial)
Google search on "GRUB"+"bootloader"

Other boot loaders (System Commander [multiple operating systems]) * (Acronis Disk Director [multiple operating systems]) (multiple operating system support)

Saying No to Microsoft (Using Non-Microsoft Operating Systems and/or software...and why)
The book at

Why so many distros? The Weird History of Linux (2021-03-22) (Linux User Group of Rochester [LUGOR]) (Linux OS) (Linux OS [business]) (Linux OS) (Linux OS) (Linux OS) (Major Linux Distributions) (Fedora Core Linux) (What's the differnece between Red Hat and Fedora Linux?) (RPM repositories) (RPM repositories) (more repository options for Fedora Linux) (GNOME desktop for Linux) (K-Desktop Environment [KDE] for Linux) (CrossOverLinux [Windows compatibility on Linux OS]) (WINE MS-Windows emulator) (WINE emulator newsgroup) (Apache web server software [open source]) (Linux Pro Magazine [UK]) (BeOS basics) (Be operating system software) (BeOS ports of Mozilla software) (Be OS newsgroup) (Plan 9 OS)

news:comp.os.plan9 (Plan 9 OS Newsgroup) (FreeDOS [MS-DOS compatible OS]) (DOSBox, an MS-DOS emulator for Linux, Mac, Windows [64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows do not run 16-bit programs] and other operating systems) (React OS [Windows XP compatible OS]) (NewOS)

The Android Operating System (Stopping Android apps)

The iOS Operating System

Android vs.iOS comparison (2014): ('XML' Extensible Markup Language)


Computer & Internet Security (Anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-rootkit/firewalls/encryption/WiFi/Bluetooth) on Malware on Viruses on Worms on Trojan Horse on Firewalls

'Firewall' (other meanings) (Trust-e [technological security and privacy]) (on-line security) (Pretty Good Privacy [PGP] encryption freeware)* (Anonymous e-mail re-mailers) (WinZip file compression/decompression/encryption) (Rot13 'encryption')

Physical protection of your data (streaming commercial video):

Common passwords: You gotta do better than these...!,1895,2113976,00.asp

...and don't be tricked into revealing them! (or any other information)

'Munging' e-mail addresses to defeat 'spambots' on Address Munging on Spambots,,sid43_gci896167,00.html (Microsoft Windows Security) (Apple OS-X Security) (Linux security news) (security advice/links at (security news at (McAfee anti-virus/security products and information) * (Norton anti-virus/security products and information) * (Panda Anti-Virus) (Avast! Anti-Virus) (AVG Anti-Virus) (AVG free version) (Kaspersky anti-virus) (On-Line virus scan) (On-line virus scan) (anti-virus comparisons) (Virus warnings/Internet urban legends at (hoax viruses/legends) (anti-virus information at Lawrence Livermore Labs) (anti-virus/net security information) (anti-virus/security information at [Hacker Emergency Response Team]) (anti-virus information) (anti-virus information)

Anti-Virus software reviews (2005) (2005) (2006) (CWShredder utility [eliminate 'CoolWebSearch' IE browser hijacker] (MySearch Removal instructions [anti-browser hijack]) (BlazeFind Removal utility [anti-browser hijack]) (CoolWeb forum) (Anti-keylogging software) (ZoneAlarm firewall software)

Microsoft and Zone Alarm have discontinued support of Windows 98 and Windows Me, as of 2006-07-11.
Version 6.1.744.001 is the last version of Zone Alarm that supports them. It can be found here
Beginning with Version 8.x, Zone Alarm no longer supports Windows 2000.
Version 7.0.483.000 is the last version of Zone Alarm that does. It can also be found here (Zonelog [Zone Alarm helper software]) (DoorStop firewall software for the Apple Macintosh [OpenDoor]) (Swat-It anti-trojan) (Ad Aware [anti-spyware]) (Malwarebytes [anti-spyware])sa (Spybot [anti-spyware]) (Super Anti-Spyware) (Spyware information) (Spyware information) (anti-spyware comparisons) on Rootkits

More rootkit information: asp ecting-rootkits-in.html

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) and its security issues: (Linksys) (Netgear) (security expert Steve Gibson's thoughts on WPS)
Google search on 'Wi-Fi Protected Setup' ('NetStumbler' wireless network tracking software)

Jeff Duntemann on Wardriving and Wireless Network Security and...

Jeff's WiFi Guide at (Hand-held wireless LAN detector)

Combination hand-held wireless LAN detector and network adapter from Zyxel and Linksys (I'm a satisfied user of the Linksys product)

Bluetooth Security
http://www.howstuffworks.c om/framed.htm?parent=bluetooth.htm&url=

Bluejacking (unsolicited messages through Bluetooth-enabled cellphones)

Bluesnarfing (unauthorized data access to Bluetooth-enabled devices) ('Hacking Exposed' Internet security book)


Accurate Time Sources

Wikipedia on Standard frequency and time signal service

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) time standards/broadcasts

CHU Canada Time Signals

David Casler (KE0OG): 'Radio Time is UTC' (2016-04-16) ( [current time, date, and weather for anywhere in the world])

Naval Observatory time display

Sensing The Earth's Wobble In Time (2020-10-08)

Who Officially Decides What Time It Is? (2021-12-31)


"Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Savings Time" by Michael Downing, at

"Seize The Daylight: The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time" by David Prerau

PBS Interview with both authors (2007-03-09)

   Year 2000 vs. Computers

Just when you thought it was all over and done...

...and here's damn near every date issue there ever was, or ever will be: (The Clock of the Long Now)

ISO 8601 Date and Time Format
   (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss [24hr time]) (Ian Galpin's ISO 8601 site) (Y2K/ISO 8601 information)

Google search on ISO8601

Modem Information

Test your Internet connection speed (dial-up or broadband)


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What Will Future Homes Look Like? Filmed in the 1960's - Narrated by Walter Cronkite (from 1967)


The 1960s Idea of "The Home of 1999" | Flashback | History (from 1967)


Radio Hobby (amateur radio/shortwave listening/scanners/citizen's band/family radio service/digital broadcasting)



Google Video search on Amateur Radio

Google Video search on Shortwave Radio

Google Video search on Scanner Radio on Call Signs on Amateur Radio on Citizen's Band radio on Scanner Radios

'Scanner' (other meanings) (my own list of frequencies for Rochester, NY and other areas)

Monroe County NY Police Departments go APCO P25 digital (will Fire Departments soon follow?):

Rochester, NY region Amateur Radio repeaters

Rochester, NY Broadcast Radio Stations: (The National Association of Broadcasters)

SOS (Morse Code distress call)

'Mayday' (voice distress call) Disaster and Emergency preparedness:

'NIFOG' Department of Homeland Security's National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (v2.0 August 2021) available here (.pdf file):
Hardcopy available at (version 2.0, August 2021)
Google Android and Apple iOS app available here

'AUXFOG' Department of Homeland Security's Auxiliary Communications Field Operations Guide (v1.1 June 2016) available here (.pdf file):
Hardcopy available at
Google Android and Apple iOS app available here (U.S. Government's 'Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency')

Emergency Radio Frequencies:

Wikipedia on Survival Radio

Better Safe Radio: Emergency Two-Way Radios For SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) Prepping, CERT, ARES, RACES, REACT, Neighborhood Safety, Public Safety, Security, Disaster Preparedness, EmComm, Business, Recreation & Family (Emergency Radio Information)
Google search on Better Safe

OH8STN: Off-grid Amateur Radio / emergency communications
Google search on oh8stn

EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon [406.025/406.028/406.037/406.040 MHz])
Google search on EPIRB
Google search on 406.025 MHz

Monroe County Emergency Communications (Amateur Radio Emergency Service [ARES])

David Casler (KE0OG): 'Emergencies and You--Are You Ready?' (2016-01-18)

Marty Woll (N6VI) on Using FRS/GMRS Radios in emergencies: (2020-10-24)

Julian (OH8STN), on minimizing standby / recieve current drain in your off-grid Amateur hardware: (2022-01-21)

Emergency / Survival / Resistance radio in War Zones: Lessons from Ukraine (2022-03-28)

Clear-Channel AM broadcast stations (with frequency list) and not to be confused with stations owned by iHeart Media, formerly known as 'Clear Channel Communications, Inc.' (The end of Clear Channel stations?)

Government emergency Radio/TV public emergency alert/warning systems:
CONELRAD (CONtrol of ELectromagnetic RADiation) replaced in 1963 by...
EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) replaced in 1997 by...
EAS (Emergency Alert System)
The FCC's EAS homepage
The National Weather Service and EAS

The 853hz and 960hz EBS/EAS attention tone, and why it must not be used casually

Primary Entry Stations of the Emergency Alert System:
PEP Google map (2019-10-24)
Google search

Hawaii, and the missile attack that wasn't:

Emergency? No power? No Internet? No cellphone? Here are some alternatives:
Emergency electronics at
http://hardware.slashdot.or g/ /article_32120.html (hand-powered emergency radios/lights) (ARRL resources) (radio and general emergency preparedness) ("Emergency Power: For Radio Communications" book at (Solar 24 Integrated Solar Power Solutions) (Simple Solar Power System for an off grid Cabin [2020-08-10])
Google search on: "emergency"+"communications"+"power"

Solar power for laptops:

Solar power for Amateur Radio: (ARRL: Emergency/Alternative Power) (Dave Castler: Solar Power for your Ham Station [2017-03-25) (Solar and Emergency Power for Ham Radio [2021-10-24]) (Solar Power for Ham Radio, a presentation - Ham Radio Q&A [2021-09-15])
Google search on Solar power for ham radio

Ara Derderian of The HT Guys, briefly discusses power outages and his home entertainemt and home security systems at :25 seconds into this podcast

Amateur Radio Field Day: Twenty-four hours of operating under simulated emergency 'off the grid' conditions: (American Radio Relay League Field Day) (Field day on the Amateur Radio Satellites) (Field Day with the Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club [W5RRR])
Google search on Amateur Radio Field Day

Amateur Radio in emergencies: (YouTube video: Amateur Radio Emergency Service [ARES] using D-STAR)

Packet radio 'Go Kit' for portable emergency data communications over Amateur Radio: (Amateur Radio HF portable/mobile/emergency operators)
HFpack YouTube videos (REACT emergency radio service volunteers) ('National SOS' emergency radio network)

EMP Shield(ElectroMagneticPulse / Coronal Mass Ejection / lightning protection)
Google search on

Wise Food Storage on Disaster Preparedness
4Patriot Survival food, emergency solar power, and survival radio

ECARS (East Coast Amateur Radio Service) mobile HF at 7.255mhz (Facebook presence)
Google search on ECARS+Amateur Radio (history of Amateur Radio) (introduction to Amateur Radio) (American Radio Relay League [amateur radio])

Amateur Radio Q-Signals (Aeronutical / Maritime Mobile / Amateur Radio)

Amateur Radio Call Sign Districts in the US: (Electromagnetic Spectrum [.jpg image]) on Radio Frequencies

U.S Radio Frequency Allocations: (2003) (2011) (2014-07-25)$FILE/spectallocation-08.pdf

U.K. Radio Frequency Allocations:

Australia Radio Frequency Allocations:

New Zeland Radio Frequency Allocations:

Egypt Radio Frequency Allocations: on Frequency Allocations on Radio Frequency Spectrum Management on Amateur Radio frequency allocations (Amateur Radio allocations [US] .pdf file) (Amateur Radio allocations [US] .pdf file) (ARRL Amateur Radio Band Plans [US]) (International HF SSB Marine Radiotelephone Channels)

VHF Maritime channel frequencies:

HF aeronautical frequencies:

VHF aeronautical frequencies:

Military aeronautical frequencies:

Citizen's Band Channel frequencies:

WiFi router channel frequencies: (The FCC and mobile scanning) (Ham Radio weblogs)

Tucson Area Packet Radio (TAPR) digital communication over amateur radio* (Various digital modes with on-air sound samples) (anateur radio communications freeware) (Amateur Radio/sound card software)
Google search (WinDRM reception software) (RadioCom 6 reception software) (Amateur Radio information) (Packet Radio software) ('PSK 31' low speed, narrow band, weak signal digital mode) * (Amateur Radio and Wireless Networking) (Rochester Hamfest) (Dayton Hamvention) (other regional hamfests/events) (Ham Radio Outlet) (DX Engineering) (Amateur radio gear [new home of AEA data products]) (Kantronics radio data controllers) (SCS multimode radio data controller) (TigerTronics radio data controllers) (Durham Radio [Canada]) (Icom ham/swl radio products) (Kenwood ham/swl radio products) (Yaesu ham/swl radio products) (Alinco ham/swl/scanner radio products) (AOR scanner radio products) (Cobra CB/FRS/and other radio products) (Winradio software based radio recievers)
A brief intro to the Winradio Excalibur G31DDC (FlexRadio software defined radios)

Wikipedia on software defined radio

Wikipedia list of software defined radios

RTL-SDR (RTL2832U) and software defined radio news and projects. (Also featuring Airspy, HackRF, FCD, SDRplay and more.) (SDR comparisons [2013]) (SDR comparisons) (SDR comparisons [2013])
Google search on SDR comparisons

Common SDR Mistakes You're Making!
See also: Signals Everywhere, Google search on Signals Everywhere

The BIG List of RTL-SDR Supported Software (multiple operating systems):

Google search on RTL-SDR, the most popular SDR device (SDR)

'SDRplay' SDR
SDRPlay YouTube channel
Google search on SDRPlay

'Airspy' SDR
Google search on Airspy

SDR# ('SDR Sharp' software) (64-bit download at SDR# Facebook group)

Installing Zadig drivers to run low-cost RTL-SDR devices with SDR# (SDR Sharp): (troubleshooting, if problems with the above)

Linux SDR software at Hamsoft:

GQRX SDR software for Linux and Macintosh OS-X (requires GNU Radio) (Gqrx YouTube channel) (Gqrx and ADS-B Aircraft Tracking)
Google search on Gqrx

The ARRL and Software Defined Radio:
Google search

GnuRadio: Open Source, software defined radio gle+Search&aq=f&oq= (Google search)

SDR Touch: An Android-based software defined radio...

Wavesink Plus DAB+ DRM+ FM-RDS:

Google search on tablet and sofware defined radio

David Castler (KE0OG): 'Setting up for Amateur Radio Digital Modes' (AD#25)

David Castler (KE0OG): 'History of Digital Modes' (#191)

David Castler (KE0OG): 'Everybody's Trying the New FT8!' (#104)

The $50 Ham: Digital Modes With WSJT-X

Monitoring aircraft via ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System: [131.550 MHz])
Google search on ACARS

Monitoring aircraft via VDL2 (VHF Data Link mode 2 [136.975 MHz])
Google search on VHF Data Link mode 2

Monitoring aircraft via HFDL (High Frequency Data Link) (HFDL frequencies, 2.4KHz bandwidth)
Google search on HFDL

Monitoring aircraft via ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast [1090 Mhz and/or 978 Mhz]) (video 1) (video 2)
Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast reception (Scott Manley: Why Most Planes Don't Need RADAR Tracking Any More [2022-05-29])

Monitoring ships via AIS (Automatic Identification System [161.975 MHz and/or 162.025 Mhz]) (NPR Science Friday: How Large Ships Use Navigation Systems [2012-01-20]) (AIS ship identification at
Google search on Automatic Identifiaction System reception

Monitorng Amateur Radio (APRS = Automatic Packet Reporting System [144.390 MHZ in U.S and Canada, 10.151 MHz LSB on HF]) (German)
Google search on APRS
Google search on APRS software

APRS tracking on Google Maps:

APRS Tracking With APRS.FI and Google Earth

Using APRS on Amateur Radio HF bands: (Robust Packet Network) (Cross Country Wireless HF APRS SDR program) (HF APRS Notes) (HF Mobile APRS) (HF APRS With PSK63)

Google searches on APRS plus drones, balloons, and rockets

Amateur Radio Moonbounce/EME (Earth-Moon-Earth - Using Earth's Moon as a passive reflector of radio signals) (The American Radio Relay League on EME) (Popular Videos - Earth–Moon–Earth communication) (Fay Lovsky has fun with her EME echo)
Google search on Amateur radio Moonbounce

RTL-SDR Tutorial: Receiving NOAA Weather Satellite Images (2013-05-13)

How to Receive NOAA Satellite Images

Receiving NOAA weather satellite using SDR# and WXtoImg (2013-05-22)

APT Weather Satellite Reception with RTL-SDR, SDR#, WXtoImg, and Orbitron (2015-03-11)

NOAA-19 reception with SDRplay RSP: (2015-04-01)

How to Pull Images from Satellites in Orbit (NOAA 15,18,19 and METEOR M2) (Part 1 2017-03-07)

Receiving Images From Satellites Part 2: Decoding and Demodulating NOAA and METEOR Transmissions (Part 2 2017-05-29)

My Other Camera is in Space | GOES-15,16,17 and Himawari 8 HRIT (2018-09-16)

Get Your Weather Images Straight From The Satellite: (2020-03-14)

Weather Satellite Tracking Software Setup (2020-06-05)

Full Earth Disc Images From GOES-17 Harvested By SDR (2019-05-03)

GOES-R and JPSS Working Together

Google search on GOES weather satellite recivers

Google search on weather satellite image reception

How to Build a Radio Telescope (See Satellites 35,000km Away!)

Recieving Amateur Radio SSTV (Slow Scan TeleVision) from the International Space Station (PD120 mode at 145.800Mhz) : (Amateur radio on ISS) (2019-02-10) (PD120 SSTV Test Recording [2015-12-21]) (PD180 SSTV Test Recording [2016-04-08])
Google search on Amateur Radio Slow Scan TV from the International Space Station

Receiving Amateur Radio voice from the International Space Station (call sign NA1SS at 145.800Mhz) : (Amateur radio on ISS) (2011-08-18) (ISS voz en 145.800 MHz, 01/02/2020 19:00 UTC, España [2020-02-01])
Google search on Receiving Amateur Radio voice from the International Space Station

More Amateur Radio satellites: (For Beginners) (Learning Amateur Radio Satellites, Ham Satellite Info [2019-07-26]) (The Ultimate Guide to Working Ham Radio Satellites [2019-01-05]) (Getting Started On Ham Radio Satellites With Sean KX9X [2020-10-17]) (FM Amateur radio satellites easy to listen to on scanners and VHF UHF Receivers [2018-02-26)
Google searech on Learning Amateur Radio Satellites (Oregon Scientific weather radios)

Motorola 'Talkabout' FRS/GMRS radios

Midland FRS/GMRS radios and other products

Cobra FRS/GMRS radios

Radio Shack ham/swl/CB/FRS/marine/business radio products (Family Radio Service FAQ) (Optoelectronics frequency measurement products) (fractal antennas) (Radio Frequency Identification [RFID]) (East Coast Amateur Radio [ECARS] HF mobile net at 7.255mhz) (multiple Ham Radio links and resources)

'PMR446', 'LPD433' and 'KDR444' (aka 'SRBR444') (FRS/GMRS-like radio servicees, in much of the European Union. These frequencies are within the 70cm Amateur Radio Band in North America. Imported, non-type accepted units are used by some 'Prepper' and 'Survivalist' groups.) (Scandinavia, only) (Personal Radio Steering Group [GMRS/FRS/MURS]) (GMRS Channel Numbers) (GMRS Channel Numbers)

Marty Woll (N6VI) on Using FRS/GMRS Radios in emergencies: (2020-10-24) (GMRS and Ham Radio) (GMRS/FRS/Utility Monitoring) (Learn About Shortwave Listening (SWL) for Beginners [2021-01-18]) (Shortwave Listening) (Shortwave Listening) (Shortwave Listening) (Shortwave Listening) (Shortwave Listening - Utility Stations)

Wikipedia on VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio (Amateur radio operations in the old 500kHz maritime CW band) (VK2ZTO Infrasound/laser/VLF experimentation, amateur radioastronomy) (Long Wave Club of America [low frequency radio enthusiasts]) (VLF man-made/natural radio enthusiasts) (The Inspire Project - VLF research) (Natural Radio From Lightning Sounds INCREDIBLE- VLF Radio [2019-08-26]) (Uncle Jim's CB Radio page, with links) (Grove Enterprises [radio merchandise/publications]) (Monotoring Monthly magazine [UK]) (Radio Enthusiast magazine [UK]) (Is There Anything Left To Listen To?? Scanning in the UK) (scanning information) (scanning information) (Rochester NY scanner info. [David Stark, NF2G]) (Western New York scanner/amateur frequencies [Jim Sutton, N2OPS]) (scanner frequency [U.S.]) (scanner frequency database [U.S.]) (scanner frequency database [Canada]) (shortwave/scanner frequency lists) (Hobby/Public Safety radio information) (Federal frequency database) (NASA frequencies) (N.O.A.A./National Weather Service Radio) (HDTV/CATV and other frequencies) (Digital Television broadcast channels in Western NY/Southern Ontario) (Western New York Broadcasting) (analog/digital broadcast TV antenna requirements for your area) (Find the digital broadcast TV channel/resolution/aspect ratio in your area) (free broadcast schedules [including digital multicast 'subchannels'] for your area) on Digital Television and High Definition Television

The Digital TV transition: ews/articlecnet.aspx?cp-documentid=5514203

'High Definition' Radio:
Google search on high definition radio (Digital Radio Mondiale ['DRM' digital shortwave/AM broadcasting format, not to be confused with 'Digital Rights Management]') (HF Digital Voice Programs Once Again Available for Download [2008-07-30])
Google search on Digital Radio Mondiale

DRM Diveemo: Digital 8fps video over long/medium/shortwave broadast (Video Over Shortwave With Diveemo [2010-09-12]) (DRM Radio - DRM Diveemo video receiver 2010-09-21) (Video Transmission Demonstrated over Medium Wave DRM30 [2010-10-18])
Google search on DRM Diveemo

Starwaves DRM SoftRadio App for Android (requires appropriate SDR dongle and antenna): on Digital Radio (audio and data) (APCO 25 U.S. digital voice standard) on APCO Project 25 (TETRA European digital voice standard) on TETRA (Digital voice/APCO 25 for Amateur Radio) (APCO 25 radio technology overview) on D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio [voice and data])

Google search on D-STAR

Google search on D-STAR vs. APCO-25

G4GUO digital voice open protocol (Digital Voice Amateur Radio Association) (digital voice protocol comparisons [2003]) TRSDB&sid=3997 (digital communications at NASA's Johnson Space Center) assess.pdf (APCO/digital radio interoperability) (International Telecommunication Union [ITU])
Google search (Federal Communications Commission)

FCC radio frequency support for manned Commercial Space:
Radio frequency allocation (including 2-Meter Amateur Radio!) requirements for Bigelow stations (.pdf file)
Radio frequency allocation requirements for Blue Origin (.pdf file) (Satellite Radiofrequency Allocations)
48.9mb podcast
Webinar Vimeo video (Amateur Satellite Corp. [AMSAT amateur radio satellites])
Google search on Amateur Radio satellites (Amateur Radio in Space) (Houston, TX AMSAT net) (ARISS [Amateur Radio on the International Space Station]) ARISS at TMRO
Other Amateur Radio space station contacts (video)
Google search on ARISS

Exploring L Band with SDRuno:
GPS Antennas - GPS-Antenna_AppNote_(GPS-X-08014).pdf (JAERO Decoder [Check your local laws before using this decoder]) (DishPointer - Align your satellite dish/locate geostationary satellites)
Google search on Inmarsat

Monitoring 'pirates' on US Navy FLTSATCOM satellites:
Google search on fltsatcom pirates (Military satellite monitoring) (space radio) (Hearsat satellite monitoring) (Timestep weather satellite receiver products) (Spectrum International wx sat products)

Queen - Radio Ga Ga (Official Video) 1984

Roger Waters - Radio Waves 1987


Satellite Tracking Software/Resources (for amateur radio/satellite spotters/other space enthusiasts)

Google search on 'satelite tracking software' (Celestial on-line BBS [space software/info]) * (Traksat/Wintrak and other satellite tracking software) (WinOrbit satellite tracking software) (satellite tracking software at ( on satellite tracking) (Satellite tracking at (Facebook presence) ('s Satellite Tracker from N2YO)
Google search on N2YO (Seeing the International Space Station) (video)
Google search (Space-Track [registered users only]) (on-line satellite visibility data)

httpS:// ('Satflare' on-line satellite tracking) Facebook presence (DishPointer - Align your satellite dish/locate geostationary satellites)
Google search on DishPointer

Current two-line element (TLE) text file for satellite tracking software:

Scott Manley: If You Could See Every Satellite, What Would The Sky Look Like? 360/VR

Stuff In Space: Drag environment with either mouse switch, zoom in/out with wheel, touch any satellite dot (not to scale, of course) for its name and orbital path
Google search on Stuff In Space

Brian Weeden on space traffic control and reducing the chance of satellite collisions:

Dr. Brendan Cunningham on Satellite spectrum warehousing, FCC & ITU orbital slot information, competition, space salvage, orbital debris, satellite frequency values and markets


Space Development/Research




Library Dewey Decimal location for materials on Spaceflight: 629.4

Altitude sickness: Getting into the realm where supplemental oxygen is required...

The 'Armstrong Line:' [no relation to Neil] Above this point, you'd better have a pressure suit... (Scott Manley on makeshift 'mechanical counterpressure' spacesuits and the physical effects of low pressure [2021-05-02])

The 'Von Karmen line:' Above this point, the air is so thin that the speed needed for a wing to maintain lift is greater than orbital velocity, and we consider you to be 'in space.' (Here's Why Space Starts At 62 Miles Up) (Frasier Cain on where space begins)

Google Video search on Manned Spaceflight

Google Video search on Private Spaceflight

Wikipedia on Private Spaceflight:

Space Launch Schedules (all dates/times subject to change): (worldwide) (worldwide) (NASA related) (Vandenberg Air Force Base, California) (other launch schedule sites)

Space conferences:
Google search on 'space conferences' (Space Access Society [space activists]) * (Space Frontier Foundation [space activists])* (Archimedes Institute) (National Space Society [space activist and educational]) (New Frontier Society of Greater Rochester [NSS chapter])

Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica* ( weblog) (Amateur Satellite Corp. [amateur radio satellites]) *
Google search on Amateur Radio satellites (Amateur Radio in Space) * (Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration [launcher licensing/regulation]) (FAA Commercial Space transportation Regulations) (space law weblog) (Commercial Spaceflight Federation)
Commercial Space promotional video

CNN explains commercial spaceflight (2010-05-18) (space tourism/commercial [numerous links]) * (Space Future Japan homepage [Japanese Text]) (Space Future Japan [English text]) (TMRO [formerly] space news videos) (Spacevidcast Wiki) (Facebook presence) (YouTube Channel) (Ustream video) (Patreon support) (space policy news) (space-oriented broadcasts/podcasts) (Space Show 'webinars') (Transterrestrial Musings [Rand Simberg's weblog]) (Selenian Boondocks [Jonathan Goff's weblog]) (Robert Zimmerman's weblog) (Dennis Wingo)
Google search on Dennis Wingo (Carried Away [Daniel Schmelzer's weblog]) (A Babe In The Universe [Louise Riofrio's weblog]) (space commercial and science information) (Doug Messier's Parabolic Arc) (Scott Manley's Aerospace / Science / Gaming Channel)
Facebook presence
Scott's asteroid (33434) Scottmanley
Google search on Scott Manley (Tim Dodd, the 'Everyday Astronaut' Spaceflight Channel)
Facebook presence
Google search on Everyday Astronaut (Paul Shillito's 'Curious Droid' science and technology channel)
Google search on Curious Droid (Joe Scott's 'Answers With Joe' Spaceflight / Science / Technology / Mystery Channel)
Google search on Joe Scott ('Vintage Space' Amy Shira Teitel's Aerospace / Science channel) (Facebook presence)
Google search on Vintage Space ('What About It!?' [Felix Schlang])
Facebook presence
Google search on What About It!? ('Marcus House')
Google search on Marcus House ('spaceXcentric' [Kevin Hehmeyer])
Facebook presence
Google search on spaceXcentric ('The Angry Astronaut')
Google search on The Angry Astronaut YouTube ('2 The Future with Jixuan & Sebastian' )
Facebook presence
Google search on 2 The Future with Jixuan & Sebastian (The Space Economy) ( [video space news and interviews]) (Space KSC) ('Rockets and Such' weblog) (The 'Chair Force Engineer') (The Space Cynics, keeping NewSpace enthusiasts honest) (space access weblog) (Commercial Space Wiki) (NASA blogs) (Restoring the 'Vision for Space Exploration')

DC-X, DC-X/A Delta Clipper Experimental SSTO Technology Demonstrator (BMDO/ARPA/NASA)

Google search on DC-X

Additional DC-X/A links at

DC-X/A material at

RVT (Reusable rocket Vehicle Test) development at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) (YouTube video in Japanese)

Google search on Japan's RVT

Google search on Yoshifumi Inatan

Additional RVT links at

RVT material at

Reusable rocket engines | Interview (with references to Japan's RVT VTVL technology demonstrator): (RLV overview at (Space Tourism Launchers: A summary at ('Reuseable Launch Vehilces' at ('Private Spaceflight' at (Robert Salkeld's RLV designs) (re-useable spacecraft news at [replaced by]) (Lockheed-Martin [X-33 and Venture Star, defunct])

Aerospke Engines (Rocketdyne Promo video 1995)

Tim Dodd: Are Aerospikes Better Than Bell Nozzles? (2019-10-18)

Pangea Aerospace (3D printed/additive manufactured aerospike rocket engines)
Facebook presence
Google search on Pangea Aerospace

Terran Space Academy
Google search on Terran Space Academy (Rotary Rocket / Gary Hudson [defunct]) (Roton The Rotary Rocket - Half Rocket - Half Helicopter) (HMX rocket engine development / Gary Hudson) (Third Millennium / Len Corimer(deceased) [Space Van]) *

Image of CCDev vehicles-1
NASA's Commercial Crew Program
home page
NASA's Commercial Crew Program blog
NASA's Commercial Crew Program Facebook presence
YouTube CCDev video selection
Short promotional videos from each Commercial Crew partner
Google search on CCDev




FCC radio frequency support for manned Commercial Space:

CCDev and Orion: The return of the Capsule... (Blue Origin pressure vessel: 2011-03-23) (Orion, CST-100, Apollo and Dragon capsules, compared to scale)

...and the Lifting Body:

SpaceUp HOU 2011 - Commercial Space Flight Panel (CCDev representatives): (YouTube video) (Space Exploration Technologies, better known as SpaceX / Elon Musk [Falcon staged ELV/RLV series, Dragon manned spacecraft])
SpaceX Dragon flight animation.
SpaceX Dragon Version 2 pad abort test
Google search on SpaceX
CCdev 2 briefing: SpaceX Dragon

Boeing CST-100/Starliner
YouTube video (July 2010)
YouTube video (April 2011)
Youtube video (June 2014)
CCdev 2 briefing: Boeing CST-100
Google search on Boeing CST-100 (Blue Origin / Jeff Bezos)
Blue Origin unmanned suborbital capsule promotional video and April 2015 unmanned test flight, November 2015 unmanned test flight with intact booster recovery.
Radio frequency allocation requirements for Blue Origin (.pdf file) (New Glenn Payload User's Guide)
CCdev 2 briefing: Blue Origin
Google search on Bkue Origin (SpaceDev-Sierra Nevada Corporation [Dream Chaser spacecraft])
Dream Chaser, son of HL-20 (Chasing the Dream: The Battle to Build the Dream Chaser Spacecraft [2021-11-04]) ('The Angry Astronaut:' SIERRA SPACE EXCLUSIVE TOUR!! Dream Chaser and much more with VP and NASA veteran Angie Wise!! [2022-03-21])
CCdev 2 briefing: Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser
Google search on Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser


Image of -1 Image of -2 (the United Launch Alliance)
Human-rating ULA launchers for commercial operation (with link to CG video)
More on ULA's EELV (Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles) and human rating (Dr. George Sowers of ULA 40.9mb podcast)
Gary Hudson on EELV human-rating, ascent abort 'blackzones,' and more. (42.4mb podcast, 2010-05-10 @ 17:38 and 26:26)
ULA's proposal for continuous human Lunar exploration, without heavy-lift launcher development
ULA's YouTube channel (CEO Tory Bruno at ULA factory: How Rockets Are Made) (CEO Tory Bruno at ULA facory: Rocket Engines and ULA's business philosophy)

Scott Manley: Why European Astronauts Have To Hitch A Ride to Space

Joe Scott on: The Next-Gen Space Stations That Could Replace The ISS (2021-05-24)

Isaac Arthur on: The Next Space Station (2021-08-12)

CNBC: What The Next Space Station May Look Like (2021-08-25)

Jeff Foust: The Commercial Space Station Race (2021-11-01)

Scott Manley: Why Commercial Space Stations Are The Future NASA Wants (2021-11-02)

Image of Bigelow-1 (Bigelow Aerospace tourism/commercial manned orbital facilites [including Genesis-I and Genesis-II orbiting prototypes])
Bigelow Genesis video from New
Robert Bigelow on the origins and current status of Bigelow Aerospace (March, 2012): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Bigelow prepares for regular space station production (2011-02-11) and produces a promotional video (2014)
Mike Gold NASA/FISO discussion1 (6.6mb .mp3, 2014) discussion2 (13.8mb .mp3 2015) zipped media (2015)
Bigelow Aerospace featured on 'The Space Show,' 2006 and 2014 podcasts
Radio frequency allocation (including 2-Meter Amateur Radio!) requirements for Bigelow stations (.pdf file)
PBS on attachment of the BEAM module to the ISS.
Google search on Bigelow Aerospace
Image of Bigelow-2

Will manned flights to Bigelow stations launch from Wallops Island, VA? (Part 1 2007) (Part 2 2007) (2014-02-18) (2014-02-21)

Image of ILC habitat-1 (ILC Dover inflatable structures and space suits) (NPR story on ILC Dover, with audio) (2008)
ILC Dover Facebook presence
Google search on "ILC Dover"

Sierra Nevada's inflatable Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE) Habitat (This Inflatable Space Habitat Could Help NASA Return To The Moon [2019-07-19]) (Sierra Nevada Corp. Announces Plans for Inflatable Commercial Space Station [2021-04-01]) (How an Inflatable Habitat Will Sustain Life in Space [2021-04-17])

More Inflatable space habitats: (Why Inflatable Structures are Important to NASA Now [2008]) (with video) (1.6mb sound file)

Image of Axiom-1 (Axiom Space)
Amir Blachman discusses Axiom Space (1.5 hr podcast) (Axiom Space CEO Michael Suffredin) (Scott Manley: NASA & Axiom Space Designing Commercial Expansion Of Space Station {2020-02-12])
Google search on Axiom Space

Image of Orion Space-1 (Orion Span)
Wikipedia on Orion Span's Aurora Space Station (Orion Span/Aurora on TMRO [2018-06-03])
LinkedIn presence
Google search on Orion Span

Image of Starlab-1

Starlab: Nanoracks, Voyager Space, and Lockheed Martin Teaming to Develop Commercial Space Station (2021-10-21) (2020-10-25) (2022-01-01)
Google search on Lockheed Martin Starlab space station

Image of Orbital Reef-2

Orbital Reef: Blue Origin and Sierra Space developing commercial space station (2021-10-25) (Announcing Orbital Reef - Your Address in Orbit [2021-10-25]) (2021-10-31) (2022-02-02)
Google search on Orbital Reef

Image of Gateway Station-1 (The Gateway Foundation [not to be confused with NASA's Lunar Gateway]) (Building the first spaceport in LEO - AIAA 2016 [2017-01-18]) (Isaac Arthur on spaceports [2018-02-08]) (What is the Gateway Spaceport? [2018-03-20]) (TMRO:Space - Creating a Starship Culture with Gateway Foundation - Orbit 11.27 [2018-07-08])
LinkedIn presence
Google search on The Gateway Foundation

TMRO Space Pod on space habitats and more: (2015-05-28)

Scott Manley: Can The Human Body Handle Rotating Artificial Gravity? (2021-08-17) (Paragon Space Development Systems [life support/thermal control])
Paragon SDC on Facebook
Paragon SDC promotional video
Taber MacCallum of Paragon SDC, on space life-support technology: (2011-06-17) (2013-03-13)
Brittany Zimmerman of Paragon SDC, on space life-support technology: (2019-04-19) (Scaled Composites / Burt Rutan [White Knight/SpaceShipOne, and other designs]) *
Scaled Composites SpaceShipTwo flight animation. (Richard Branson's 'Virgin Galactic' spaceline)
Google search on Virgin Galactic

Winged suborbital: Scaled Composites/Virgin Galactic vs. XCOR: (XCOR Aerospace)
Jeff Greason of XCOR discusses 'Lynx' development (two-part Aero News Network wideo with commercial/promotional breaks): (part 1) (part 2)
Rocket engineer Doug Jones, on XCOR Aerospace/Lynx suborbital spacecraft, and rocket engine development: (53.4mb podcast)
Rick Searfoss, XCOR test pilot on Lynx development and safety: (53.3mb podcast)
XCOR Lynx flight animation.
The end of XCOR... (Armadillo Aerospace / John Carmack) *
Armadillo Aerospace promotional videoes from Space Access 2008 and 2009
Armadillo Aerospace on Facebook

Scott Manley, on the transition from Armadillo Aerospace, to... (Exos Aerospace Systems and Technologies)
Wikipedia on Exos Aerospace
Google search on Exos Aerospace (Masten Space Systems / David Masten [XA-1.0 VTVL]) (Bristol Spaceplanes / David Ashford [Ascender] U.K.) * (Starchaser Industries [UK])

Image of Skylon-1 (Reaction Engines Ltd. / Alan Bond [Skylon] U.K.) (60.5mb podcast)
Alan Bond lectures on the future of Skylon at the University of Strathclyde
Alan Bond and the history of Skylon engine development (YouTube video November, 2011)
'The Three Rocketeers:' The story of Skylon development (YouTube video January, 2013)
A Skylon-supported Mars mission design: (YouTube video)
Reaction Engines Skylon flight animation.
Skylon passenger transport logistics (YouTube video August 2010)
After posting this and this about the Skylon animation, it's nice to know that someone agrees with me.

'Astrobotic' Space robotics and Transportation: (TMRO interviews Astrobotic CEO John Thorton)
Google search on Astrobotic

Image of Excalibur-Almaz-1

'Excalibur-Almaz: Was it a scam? Or just a decade or so ahead of its time...?
Wikipedia on
Parabolic Arc on Excalibur-Almaz
Google search on 'Excalibur-Almaz' (Universal Space Lines) (Kelly Space and Technology) (TGV Rockets) (Rocketplane Ltd, Inc. [Rocketplane XP]) (JP Aerospace) (59.4mb podcast) (85mb podcast) (Interorbital Systems)
Interorbital Systems on 'The Space Show'
Google search on Interorbital Systems (PlanetSpace)

Google search on Kankoh-Maru (Japanese tourist spacecraft design) ('Uchumaru' Japanese tourist spacecraft design [Japanese text])

Google search on Uchumaru (Japanese tourist spacecraft design)

Attorney Michael Lister discusses the beginnigs of US commercial space policy: (114.5mb podcast)

Wikipedia on
Commercial Astronauts

Astronauts for Hire (spaceflight training)
A4H YouTube channel
Google search on Astronauts 4 Hire

Waypoint 2 Space (spaceflight training) (83mb podcast)
Waypoint 2 Space YouTube channel
Google search on Waypoint 2 Space (Space Adventures [space/near space tourism])

Zero Gravity Corporation - research and tourism 'zero gravity' parabolic flights (model Kate Upton does zero gravity shoot for Sports Illustrated [2017-01-17]) (Scott Manley flies with Zero Gravity Coproration [2022-06-26]) (Why NASA Uses A 1970's Boeing 727 For Zero G Experiments [2022-06-27])
Google search on gozerog

Mechanical counterpressure spacesuits: (Dr. Dava Newman 2014-01-31) (Dava Newman: Space Fashion [2013-11-11]) (video) (Dava Newman: Space Exploration, Space Suits, and Life on Mars | Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast - YouTube [2019-11-22]) (Scott Manley on makeshift 'mechanical counterpressure' spacesuits and the physical effects of low pressure [2021-05-02])
Google search

Ted Southern on spacesuit engineering: (Orbital Outfitters [commercial spacesuits]) defunct, 2017
Google search on Orbital Outfitters spacesuits (Final Frontier Design [commercial spacesuits]) (49mb podcast)
Google search on Final Frontier Design spacesuits (Weightless parabolic flights for the public) ('X-Prize' for private manned suborbital craft) * (Rocket Racing League) (Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein commercial space prize) (Truax Engineering / Robert Truax [defunct/deceased]) (Evel Knievel and The Reusable X-3 Volksrocket) (The Biggest Rocket ever Designed? - The Sea Dragon) (Sea Dragon Rocket: Worlds Largest Reusable Rocket Concept) (Amy Shira Teitel: Sea Dragon is the Massive Rocket of Spaceflight Dreams)

A New Vision (for NASA) - George Bush (announced on 2004-01-14):

Note the sentence:
"The Shuttle's chief purpose over the next several years will be to help finish assembly of the International Space Station. In 2010, the Space Shuttle, after nearly 30 years of duty, will be retired from service."
President George W. Bush
January 14, 2004 (video) (.pdf text) (why it was done) (when it was done) (after it was done) (Obama in Titusville-1) (Obama in Titusville-2)

And in fact, Shuttle operations were extended to July of 2011. So, do you still believe President Obama 'cancelled' The Shuttle/manned space flight/the space program (whatever that phrase really means), etc...?

Now, President Obama did propose and support cancelling the Constellation Program, but when congress ultimately agreed with that, it led to its similarly questionable offspring, the Space Launch System...

Why not to like the Space Launch System (SLS): (with multiple comments by me) (Rick Boozer discusses his book, and policy on the Space Launch System [ 98.4mb podcast]) (More from Rick Boozer, at [with comments by me]) (Rick Boozer and John Hunt debate the Space Launch System [58.1mb podcast]) ('What to do with the Space Launch System?' at TMRO)

Will Orion and the Space Launch System be that useful for deep-space manned flight? (Congressional Testimony - Orion-MPCV is not a "backup" to Commercial Crew [2011]) (PBS [December 2015]) (TMRO [December 2015]) (MSNBC [December 2015]) (The 'Direct2' alternative to Ares-1/Ares-5) (with link to 66.2mb podcast)

Scott Manley: The Story of How NASA Went From Space Shuttles To SpaceX & Commercial Rockets (2020-06-03) (Marcia Smith's Space Poilcy Online)

Andrew Chanin on Global Space Exchange-Traded Fund (ET), commercial space investing (The Artemis Project [commercial Lunar flight]) * (The Lunar Resource Corporation [commercial Lunar flight]) (Commercial Lunar Probes)

Wikipedia on space burial ('Celestis Memorial spaceflight' space burial) (73.6mb podcast) ('Elysiumspace' space burial) (84mb podcast)
Google search on space burial (KEO orbiting time capsule)

RCB Signals (commercial satellite ground stations) (Christopher Richins of RBC on The Space Show)

Getting humans to Mars, Past and Future:
(Part 1) To Mars by 1982 - A Manned Mission Too Far, Too Soon? - Paul Shillito
(Part 2) Mars: From Science Fiction to Science Fact - Isaac Arthur (History of Manned Mars Mission proposals) (The Mars Society / Robert Zubrin) *
Google searcch on: The Mars Society
See also the documentary: The Mars Underground

Exclusive Robert Zubrin Interviews (at 'What About It!?'): (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Marsblog weblog)

The challenge of landing large payloads (manned and unmanned) on the surface of Mars: (61.7mb podcast) (46.8mb podcast) (70mb podcast) (23.5 mb podcast) (May 2015)
Landing the Mars Science Laboratory (aka 'Curiosity') on Mars (YouTube video) (LDSD - Low Density Supersonic Decelerator) (March 2019)

'Inspiration Mars' Private manned Mars flyby mission in 2018: (computer graphic of 501 day Mars mission trajectory and flyby) (infographic, with comments by me) (detailed mission planning [.pdf file]) (98 minute YouTube video of press conference)
Robert Zubrin on Inspiration Mars: video and podcast

'Mars One' private Mars colonization project: (YouTube video) (YouTube/SpaceVidCast video) (The Space Show, 2013-05-10 51.5mb podcast) (The Space Show, 2012-08-31 44.8mb podcsst) (The Space Show, 2014-03-02 mb podcast)
Google search on Mars One

Isaac Arthur on Colonizing Mars...

...and Colonizing Venus: (The Millennial Foundation, now known as...) (The Living Universe Foundation) (Russian Space Web [Russian space news/history]) (Houston Chronicle space news)

Dr. John Logsdon on Richard Nixon, and NASA after Apollo: (42.5mb podcast)

Why Russia Did Not Put a Man on the Moon - The Secret Soviet Moon Rocket - YouTube

NASA RLV/Space Shuttle development history: (Historic Spacecraft)

Currently operational manned orbital spacecraft: (Space Shuttle [USA]*) (Soyuz [Russia]) (Shenzhou [China])

(* Last Space Shuttle mission ended on 2011-07-21)

Government manned spacecraft under development: ('Orion' Crew Exploration Vehicle [USA]) (other Orions) (Kliper/Clipper [Russia])

Related Predicessor Designs: on X-20/Dyna-Soar (USAF) on X-20/Dyna-Soar
X-20/DynaSoar videos on Hermes (ESA) on Hermes on Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) (USAF) on Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) on X-15 (USAF/NASA) on X-15

Could an X-15 launch itself vertically? Check here for some interesting thoughts... on List of Rocket Planes on List of X-Planes on Spaceplanes

TMRO on the history of Spaceplanes: (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Isaac Arthur on Spaceplanes

The Return of the Space Planes | Answers With Joe on X-30/NASP on X-30/NASP

Scramjet spaceplanes: Not a panacea for orbital access. You pay a steep engineering price at high Mach numbers, for not bringing along your own oxidizer... (see Section 5. 'Ramjet and Scramjet Engines')

...But airbreathing only to Mach 5, then going all-rocket, may be reasonable:
And the thoughts of Henry Spencer here and here on Skylon's propulsion

Google search on Max Hunter+SSTO (deceased) Hunter's rocket propulsion book 'Thrust Into Space' (7.6mb .pdf)

Google search on Harry Stine+SSTO (deceased)

Google search on Philip Bono+SSTO (deceased)

Google search on Gary Hudson+SSTO
Google search on 'Phoenix+SSTO'

Gary's Phoenix SSTO design, and the RLV history preceeding it (.pdf file) (Gary Hudson on 'The Space Show,' 2009-06-26 61.8mb podcast) (at the Space 2010 Conference, with comment by me)

Recommended Books (and reviews) at
Indistinguishable From Magic (Dr. Robert Forward [deceased] 1995)
Halfway to Anywhere: Acheving America's Destiny in Space (G. Harry Stine[decased] 1996)
Islands in the Sky: Bold New Ideas for Colonizing Space (Stanley Schmidt 1996)
Mining The Sky (John s. Lewis 1997)
High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space (Gerard K.O'Neill [deceased] 2000)
Mirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter Physics (Dr. Robert Forward [deceased] 2001)
Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Spaceship (George Dyson 2002)
Making Space Happen: Private Space Ventures and the Visionaries Behind Them (Paula Berinstein 2002)
Space: The Free-Market Frontier (Edward L. Hudgins 2002)
They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus : An Incurable Dreamer Builds the First Civilian Spaceship (Elizabeth Weil 2003)
Single Stage to Orbit: Politics, Space Technology, and the Quest for Reusable Rocketry (Andrew J. Butrica 2003)
The Commercial Space Age: Conquering Space Through Commerce (Andrew M. Thorpe 2003)
Moonrush: Improving Life on Earth with the Moon's Resources (Dennis Wingo 2004)
Space Tourism: Do You Want to Go? (John Spencer 2004)
Lost in Space: The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a New Space Age (Greg Klerkx 2004)
The Rocket Company (Patrick Stiennon 2005)
Spaceships: A Reference Guide to International Reusable Launch Vehicle Concepts from 1944 to the Present (Robert A. Goehlich 2005)

The 'Vision for Space Exploration:' Are we conducting a bad implementation of a good idea? (2006)

'Energy costs' to orbit: Fuel is not what makes spaceflight expensive...

Rand Simberg on why space access is (currently) so expensive...and what to do about it:

Rand simberg on space policy: (2008-07-22 40.6mb podcast file)

Jonathan Goff on Becoming a Spacefaring Civilization:

...similar thoughts from 'The Chair Force Engineer:'

...and the views of Lee Valentine:

Rand Simberg has his say on how we got into this manned space policy situation...and what we need to to do next: (2007-07-28 51.7mb podcast)

Jerry Pournelle[deceased] on space access: (2003) (2000)

Jonathan Goff on orbital access methodologies:

Rick Tumlinson on private space (video)

Space tourism only for the 'idle rich?' Yes....for now!:

When Will Space Tourism be Affordable? (2021-10-19)

Want to be a commercial spacecraft pilot? Here are some of the first things you need to know...

Jonathan Goff on RLV development and early markets:

Jonathan Goff and others on Orbital Propellant Depots: with 4.6mb pdf file and 8.7mb podcast (Google search)

CRYOTE: orbital cryogenic propellant storage and transfer technology demonstrator

Ground-based test of satellite re-fueling technology: (video)

Propellant depot dynamics on 'The Space Show:'

Universe Today on orbital refueling: (2019-08-16) (2019-08-16)

Thomas M. Perrin on Cryogenic Propellant Depot at Earth Moon L1 Functional Analysis (2019-11-06):

United Launch Alliance (ULA) alternative archetecture plans: (ULA's Cislunar 1000) (Preparation of Papers for AIAA Technical Conferences - Cislunar-1000_Transportation_AIAA_Space_2016.pdf) (TMRO on Cislunar-1000 and Bigelow Aerospace)
ULA Innovation: Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage, Part 1
ULA Innovation: Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage, Part 2 (CisLunar 2017: A Vision for a Self-Sustaining Space Economy)
Google search on "ACES"+"ULA"+"space" ('ACES' = Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage)

Develop Cislunar Space Next:

America’s future in LEO? The possibilities and challenges facing commercial space stations: (part 1) (part 2)

Charles Miller on the Evolvable Lunar Architecture that Leverages Commercial Space Capabilities and Public Private Partnerships: (48.8mb podcast)

FISO: Cryogenic Propulsive Stages (CPS) for human exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit (May, 2012) (7.2mb pdf file) (8.2mb audio)

Spacevidcast and Dave Masten on non-Apolloesq ways of reaching the Moon: (2012 video) (2015 video)

Boeing alternative archetecture plans:

Boeing on propellant depots and cisclunar transportation:

Space Propellant Depots:

Ongoing Launch Vehicle Innovation at United Launch Alliance:

The Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage (ACES)- A Low-Cost, Low-Risk Approach to Space Exploration Launch:

Evolving to a Depot-Based Space Transportation Architecture:

Robust Lunar Exploration Using an Efficient Lunar Lander Derived from Existing Upper Stages:

The 63rd International Astronautical Congress (2012) on Human Space Exploration Architectures Using Commercial Launch/Propellant Depots:

Future In-Space Operations (FISO) Working Group Seminars: (FISO archive list)
google search on NASA FISO

Jonathan Goff on Cisclunar transportation archetectures:

Nautilus-X: A real spaceship, with existing technology: (Nautilus-X CG video) (video in 3 parts) (video) (Nautilus-X CG video)
Google search on Nautilus-X+NASA

A Skylon-supported Mars mission design: (streaming QuickTime video)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories inflatable Mars ship proposal (1989): (not available?) (p. 81)
Popular Science March 1991, p.56 (inflatables for Shakelton Crater)

The Augustine Commission review of U.S. Human Space Flight (2009):
Summary and Final reports

Jeff Greason on his Augustine Comission experience and the basis and possible directions of space policy: (66.3mb podcast, January 2010) (streaming and downloadable .wmv and .mp4 video at ISDC 2010)
Google video search on Augustine Commission

More of XCOR's Jeff Greason via TED on space access and the future of civilization (streaming video):

Rand Simberg/Dr. Jeff Bell on space policy: Apollo/Space Shuttle mindsets hinder manned space advances (Simberg) (14.6mb podcast) (70.8mb podcast)

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and space development: on Space Manufacturing

SpaceX Reveals New Plans To Launch Space Factories (2021-08-19)

Joe Scott: Heavy Industry In Space - A Great Idea Or A Pipe Dream? (2021-09-27)

How Space Manufacturing Will Change Everything! (2021-11-13)

Google search on space manufacturing on Space Colonization

NASA's 'Kilopower' nuclear reactors for spacecraft and surface electricity:
Wikipedia on
Kilopower (Kilopower: A Gateway to Abundant Power for Exploration) (Powering a Habitat on Mars with Kilopower) (The Problem of Power in Space. NASA's New Kilopower Reactor) (NASA's Kilopower Reactor and the Path to Higher Power Missions)
Gogle search on NASA Kilopower

Building a Base on the Moon: (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

ISRU: Living off the land, on the Moon...

Dr. Paul Spudis on the nature and utilization of Lunar polar ice:

Dr. Paul Spudis, on returning to Moon, and why... (55mb podcast 2009-07-27) (107.1mb podcast 2014-01-26)

Kurzgesagt on Moon Bases: (2018-16-09)

Isaac Arthur on Moon Bases: Go Big, or Go Home (2016-02-01) (Moonwards: Virtual Lunar Town) (The Space Show, 2020-12-20) More of Kim Holder's apperances on 'The Space Show')
Google search on Moonwards+Kim Holder

The Luna Project: Early lunar colonization and industrialization

Lunar Explorers Society
Google search on Lunar Explorers Society

Golden Spike commercial Lunar missions: (BBC News video) (Spacevidcast looks at Golden Spike [video]) (Golden Spike YouTube channel)

Shackleton Energy Company: The first commercial Lunar resources company?
Chief Operating Officer Jim Keravala, on Shackleton Energy's cislunar economic development plans.: 56mb podcast

Isaac Arthur on industrializing the Moon: (2017-05-18) (2020-01-15)

Planetary Resources, Inc. (asteroid mining): (Facebook presence) (promotional video) (YouTube channel)
Google search on "Planetary Resources"

Deep Space Industries, Inc. (asteroid mining): (YouTube announcement video) (YouTube promotional video)
Google search on "Deep Space Industries"

Dr. John S. Lewis on asteroid mining, space resources: (2012-04-28 54.3mb podcast) (2013-02-20 46.1mb podcast)

Dr. Martin Elvis on Asteroid observation, mining, commercial space, NASA: (11.5mb podcast [2014-01-22]) (85.2mb podcast [2014-08-11])

Joe Scott on Asteroid Mining: How To Become A Quadrillionaire

Isaac Arthur on asteroid mining:

Sabine Hossenfelder on asteroid mining: (2021-06-19)

How Asteroid Mining Will Save Earth | PBS Space Time

Heavy Industry In Space - A Great Idea Or A Pipe Dream? (2021-09-27)

The IAU Minor Planet Center (asteroid/comet tracking)

The state of Space travel/Nanotechnology/Energy in 2057?

U.N. 'Outer Space Treaty' (1967)

U.N. 'Moon Treaty' (1979)

The Artemis Accords (2020) (Michelle Hanlon on the Aremis Accords and space resources [2020-05-15]) (Astronomy Cast on the Artemis Accords Ep. 587)
Google search

Rand Simberg and others, on Martian (and other extraterrestrial) property rights:

Stephen E. Doyle on space law and property rights, space traffic control and orbital debris management: (46.5mb podcast)

Thomas Gangale on space property rights, space settlement and commerce: (51.6mb podcast)

Dennis Wingo on Lunar resource utilization: (43.2mb podcast)

Google search on "platinum group metals"+"lunar mining"


Google search on "asteroid mining"

and... (reflectance spectra)

We must begin to do the above, if this is correct...

...although nanotechnology could make metal mining/recovery/recycling on Earth far more efficent than today...

...even as it makes space access easier: (question 9)

Isaac Arthur on: Kickstarting Space Industry (2018-12-06)

Aviaton Week magazine/space

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)/Aerospace America magazine /

British Interplanetary Society/Spaceflight magazine (U.K.) ( (Space News) (Space Daily) ( (The Daily Galaxy) (21st Century Waves) (Universe Today) (Astronomy Cast [podcasts]) (space news at the New Scientist magazine/website [U.K]) (CNN Science and Technology/Space) (MSNBC Space news) (Alan Boyle's MSNBC 'Cosmic Log') (space research and commercial news) (aerospace nrews) (space tethers) (LiftPort Group [space 'elevators']) (Elevator 2010 [space 'elevators']) on Space Elevators (United States Air Force - Space Command) (The Battle Above [text]) (The Battle Above [Part 1]) (The Battle Above [Part 2]) (War In Space - The Next Battlefield - CNN) (Facebook presence)
Google search on USAF Space Command
Also: Christopher Stone on Deterrence and the National Security Space Strategy (2013-11-10) (2015-05-24) (2016-01-17) (2016-03-06) (2016-07-17) (2016-12-23) (2017-06-19) (2017-11-27)
Also: Paul Szymanski on Military Space, Space Warfare (2015-02-09)
Also: Dean Cheng on The 'Space Force' proposal, military space assets and policy, Chinese military and space programs (2018-10-30)
Also: Dr. Brian Weeden and Dr. Namrata Goswami debate the 'Space Force' proposal (2019-01-09)
Also: Jack Anthony 'In Search of A Space Culture' (2019-12-02)
Also: Lt. Gen. (RET) USAF Steven Kwast on Space Force status, mission, China space policy, and more (202-02-14) (United States Space Force, established 2019-12-20) (Past U.S./Soviet manned military space projects) (Secret Projects [U.K]) ('Aurora' spyplane links) on Rocket Launch Sites on Spacecraft Propulsion on Spacecraft Propulsion on Helicon Double Layer Thruster (with link to 5.5mb podcast [2005]) (YouTube video) (YouTube video)
Google search on Helicon thruster
(Other meanings for Helicon) on VASIMR
Google search on VASIMR (commercial VASIMR propulsion) (with comment by me, as delphinus100)
Google search on VASIMR Lunar Tug

Electron Cyclotron Resonance engine: (mb podcast)
Google search on Electron Cyclotron Resonance Engne on Ion Rockets
Google search on Ion rockets

Google search on DS4G (Dual Stage Four Grid) high performance ion engine

'Electric Rockets' at Scientific American (Space nuclear propulsion/power) (Nuclear Spacecraft design, for science fiction and the real world) (Isaac Arthur on Nuclear Rockets)

Nest big Future on Nuclear Thermal Rockets on Nuclear Thermal Rocket
Google search on Solid Core nuclear rocket on Gas Core nuclear rockets
Google search on Gas Core nuclear rockets on Nuclear Pulse Rockets
Google search on Nuclear Pulse Rockets (BBC video) (no audio) (TED Talks video) (Scott Lowther on Project Orion/Nuclear Pulse propulsion) (Scott Manley: Can A Metal Bowling Ball Survive Inside a Nuclear Explosion? [2020-07-10]) (Isaac Arthur: The New Dawn: The Orion Project Spaceship Revitalized [2022-01-06]) on Nuclear Salt Water Rocket
Google search on Nuclear Salt Water Rocket (John Cramer's 'Altrnate View') (Next Big Future) (Scott Manley: The Nuclear Salt Water Rocket - Possibly the Craziest Rocket Engine Ever Imagined [2021-01-10]) on Fusion Rockets
Google search on Fusion Rockets

Fusion/MHD propulsion in the atmosphere?

And more exotic fusion propulsion prospects: on Antimatter Rockets
Google search on Antimatter Rockets in general, and the ideas of Dr. Robert Forward [deceased] in particular)

Scott Manley: Far Future Rocket Engine Technologies - Fission, Fusion & Antimatter (2021-01-15) on Bussard Ramjet
Google search on Bussard Ramjet

Science Fiction writers talk real starships (video): (Centauri Dreams [interstellar flight advocacy, from the book 'Centauri Dreams'])
Google search on 'Centauri Dreams' (Icarus Interstellar [interstellar flight advocacy])
Google search on 'Icarus Interstellar' on Starships on Interstellar Travel on Intergalactic Travel (The Planetary Society [planetary research/education]) (SETI League [Search for ET Intelligence]) (SETI Institute) ('seti@home' distributed SETI signal processing) * (SETI at optical wavelengths)

Isaac Arthur / Alberto Caballero / Parallax Nick on Optical SETI: (part 1 [Science & Futurism]) (part 2 [The Exoplanets Channel]) (part 3 [Parallax Nick]) ('Contact' [movie] page, links to other SETI, Contact sites) (Official 'Contact' [movie] site) (Astrophysicist Dr. Becky Smethurst reacts to Carl Sagan's 'Contact')

Isaac Arthur on SETI and the Fermi Paradox: (Possible Fermi Paradox solutions) (The Fermi Paradox Compendium) (Fermi Paradox 'Apocalypse How') (Fermi Paradox: The Dyson Dilemma v2.0 )

Stephen Euin Cobb on SETI and the Fermi Paradox: (Part 1) (53.4mb podcast) (Part 2) (45.7mb podcast)

"Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication:" NASA's Free eBook on Communicating With Aliens
In .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats

Isaac Arthur on Alien Languages: (Dolphins and SETI) (Denise Herzing 2013-04-16) (Denise Herzing 2015-10-30)

John Lilly, SETI, LSD, and 'The Order of the Dolphin' (2018-10-10) (2019-03-07)

The SETI 'Wow' signal of 1977 (possible stellar source of the signal?)

The SETI Breakthrough Listening Candidate (BLC1) signal at 982.002 MHz from Proxima Centauri of 2019 (Did Proxima Centauri Just Call to Say Hello? Not Really! [2020-12-21]) (BLC1 the Proxima Centauri SETI Candidate with Jason Wright [2020-12-22]) (According to the Math, it’s Highly Unlikely That an Intelligent Civilization is Located at Alpha Centauri [2021-01-17]) (SETI Signal From Proxima Centauri Detected Last Year Finally Explained: Still not aliens...yet? [2021-08-28])
Google search on BLC1 (Michael Michaud on SETI and extraterrestrial contact 39.4mb podcast) (Dr. Douglas Vakoch on SETI 47.7mb podcast)

METI: SETI enthusiasts should always be careful what they wish for...! cosmos (could this be where the ETs are and why we don't detect them?) (Transcension Hypothesis)

The Extraterrestrial Sermons: How a definite SETI contact might affect world religions
...and (with multiple comments by me) (extrasolar planets) (extrasolar planets) (PlanetQuest page at JPL/NASA) (NASA's Exoplanet page)

Dr. Sara Seager on extrasolar planet research: (81.5mb podcast) (164mb video) 'Alien Planets Revealed' Extrasolar planet hunting with the Kepler Space Telescope (2013) (extrasolar planet speculations/art) *

Google search on extrasolar planets on Extrasolar Planets on Planetary Habitability on Extraterrestral Life on Exopolitics

Alpha Centauri: Planets? Life? (Isaac Arthur on Colonizing Alpha Centauri) (Professor Dave) (Chandra finds no unusual X-ray emissions from Alpha Centauri A or B) (Imaging Habitable-Zone Exoplanets Around Alpha Centauri [2021-02-10]) (Possible Super-Earth in the Habitable Zone at Alpha Centauri [2021-02-11])

Also possibly worth the trip, one day...

Tau Ceti:

Epsilon Eridani: (and the planet believed to be there)

40 Eridani:

The Nearest Stars to Earth: Says Wikipedia... ...and The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper (streaming YouTube video)

Starmaps for real world and science fiction use (numerous links)*

RECONS - REsearch Consortium On Nearby Stars
Google search on

The Astrobiology Network

Life on Mars (with minor contribution by me)

Life on Mars? Read "Planetary Sciences Research Discoveries" on line at:

Dr. Gilbert (Gil) Levin on Life on Mars, interpreting the Viking Labeled Release Experiment and more: (85mb poccast 2014-03-09) (84.9mb podcast 2014-08-15)

Chris Carberry, Joe Cassady on, and projects ExoLance & Time Capsule, Mars life detection experiments: (22.9mb podcast 2014-08-17)

Finding life we can't imagine: Christoph Adami on identifying the characteristics all 'life' must have...

Would alien plants necessairily be green? (2011) (2011) (2011) (2011) (2011) (2009) (2008) (2007)

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
Google search

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Google search

China National Space Administration (CNSA)
Google search

Google search

European Space Agency (ESA)
Google search

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA - established 1958-10-01 Formerly NACA established 1915-03-03)
Google search

NASA's fraction of the federal budget: Not nearly as large as many people think...! (linking to this 46.1mb podcast) (Powerpoint file)

The NASA budget, over its history:

Before you credit/blame a particular President or Congress (though both must sign off on the final Federal Budget), this is how the NASA budget is made:

How much did the Apollo Program cost? Casey Dreier of The Planetary Society explains: (The NASA Charter: This is what the agency is all about)

NASA Centers: (NASA Headquarters, Washington D.C.) (NASA/Johnson Space Center) (NASA/Kennedy Space Center) (NASA/Ames Research Center) (NASA/Armstrong Flight Research Center) (NASA/Glenn Research Center) (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) (NASA/Langley Research Center) (NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center) (NASA/Michoud Assembly Center) (NASA/Stennis Space Center) (NASA/Wallops Flight Facility [adjacent to the commercial Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport]) (NASA/White Sands Test Facility) (White Sands Missile Range [both adjacent to the commercial Mojave Air and Space Port]) (NASA-CalTech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory) (Lunar and Planetary Institute) (NASA radio frequencies) (NASA Space Calendar [astronomical events, space launch schedules]) (James Oberg [NASA mission opeations/space writer])

NASA TV internet and satellite video:

NASA Commercial Technology Network web page: (Near Earth Objects [asteroids] program office)

The Solar System Dynamics group at JPL/Asteroid 1997 XF11 home page:

Image of Kandy Jarvis Kandy Jarvis on orbital debris and Jovian moons (1999, 2008 photos by Frank Glover) (streaming video requires Apple QuickTime and broadband)
ApolloCon science fiction convention Guest of Honor, 2007, 2008 and 2009
'Silver Snoopy Award' recipient
and Columbia accident investigator ....
Kandy's astronomy column at
Kandy's presence on LinkedIn and Facebook
Kandy's asteroid (17940) Kandyjarvis, and research papers (KS Jarvis)

NASA's Les Johnson on the dangers and mitigation of orbital debris, and more: (part 1) (24.5mb podcast) (part 2) (26mb podcast)

...The vulnerability of satellites and other technologies to major solar events: (49mb podcast) (How Prepared Are We For A Carrington Level Solar Storm? [2020-07-18])

...And on trends in space exploration: (Part 1 - 35.2mb podcast) (Part 2 - 32.1mb podcast) (Bester aerospace software)

Mars Surveyor '98 program:

NASA sponsored speculative FTL workshop:

Analog magazine 'Alternate View' columns (FTL/speculative physics) *
http://www.npl.washington/av (Tachyons [if they exist] as reaction mass?)
See also:
"What are Tachyons, and What Could We Do with Them?" by Gerald Feinberg
'Ahead of Time' ed. Harry Harrison & Theodore J. Gordon, Doubleday 1972

Miguel Alcubierre's 'Warp Drive' (It's hard to call it anything else) (YouTube video) (2017-12-01) (2019-06-06)
Google search on "Miguel Alcubierre"+"Warp Drive"

Greg Meholic on nuclear and other advanced space propulsion (even FTL!): (52.4mb podcast) (45.4mb podcast) (44.3mb podcast)

Faster Than Light FAQ on Tachyons on Wormholes on Black Holes (FTL/speculative physics/metaphysics/paranormal) * (Advanced Life Support) (NASA's 'Eyes on the Solar System' virtual solar system simulation) (video intro) (review at

NASA's 'World Wind' satellite imagery for Earth and the Moon

Google Earth, Google Moon and other Earth satellite imagery

Google Maps including Google Earth imagery

Google Earth Linux install terminal command:
wget && chmod +x GoogleEarthLinux.bin && ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin

Mapquest mapping and directions:

Windows Live Local mapping and imagery:

KStars astronomy program (Windows / Mac/ Linux):
Wikipedia on KStars

Stellarium astronomy program (Windows / Mac/ Linux):
Wikipedia on Stellarium ('Celestia' space simulation for Windows/Linux/Macintosh OS-X)
'Celestia' simulator at (Celestia support) (Celestia FAQ) ('Orbiter' spacecraft simulator) (Orbiter mods and support)
'Orbiter' simulator at ('Kerbal Space Program' spacecraft design simulator)
'Kerbal space Program' simulator at (Scott Manley on KSP at TMRO) (Scott Manley on KSP 2) (Scott Manley's Kerbal Space Program Tutorials)
Google search on: "Kerbal Space Program" ('SimpleRockets' spacecraft design simulator) (Scott Manley on SimpleRockets 2)
Google search on Simple Rockets ('Space Engine' space simulation) (Scott Manley review [2019-06-11])
Google search on Space Engine space simulation ('Universe Sandbox' Space-Based Physics Simulator)
Google search on Scott Manley and Universe Sandbox (The Dire Consequences of Astronomy Education by Godlike Super Beings)
Google search on Universe Sandbox (other space simulation software)

'Artifexian' Worldbuilding, for fiction, games, and fun:
Google search on Artifexian (Geoclock worldwide time/date map display) (Moon phase information) (YouTube video [2022])

National Association of Rocketry (model rocketeers)

MARS - Monroe Astronautical Rocket Society (model rocketeers/NAR Chapter)

Tripoli Rocketry Association (high-power amateur rocketry)

TMRO on Assembling high-power rockets: (Solar and geomagnetic activity)

Dr. Tamitha Skov, Space Weather Woman:
Google search on Space Weather Woman

Wikipedia on Space Weather

Scott Manley on crossing the VanAllen belts: (2020-06-25)

Joe Scott on crossing the VanAllen belts: (2022-01-10)

Anton Petrov: 'What Da Math?' Physics and Astronomy

SEA Astronomy and astrophysics (Rising Stargirls: Bringing space science to girls)

Why astronomy remains relevant today: (2020-12-30) (2020-11-04) (Astronomy magazine) (Sky and Telescope magazine) (Astronomy Now magazine [UK]) on Astronomy Organizations (International Astronomical Union) (reducing 'light pollution' and saving energy) (Rochester's Astronomy Club) (Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies [IFAS]) (Ireland in space [2009]) (astronomical errors, misconceptions) (astronomical errors, misconceptions) (Moon landing 'hoax' debunking) (S G Collins) (Curious Droid)
Simon Whistler on who actually started this?
...and that is all that I will say about that silliness.

Shiny Toy Guns cover 'Major Tom' (Lincoln MKZ commercial, streaming video):





Library Dewey Decimal location for materials on Whales and Dolphins: 599.5

Google Video search on Dolphins

Image of Know Your Dolphins-1

Dolphins: the basics

'Dolphins' (this section is not about this kind of 'dolphin,' but you should know the difference between them and the mammals)

'Dolphin' (other meanings)

Porpoises: the basics

Whales: the basics

Cetaceans: the basics

Bottlenosed Dolphins

Orcas (Killer Whales)

Cetacean Intelligence

Joe Scott: The 7 Smartest Animals In The World (2020-12-14)

Isaac Arthur: Could Two Alien Races Evolve on the Same World? (2021-06-03)

Before we ask if dolphins (and other cetaceans) are sentinent beings, what exactly is 'sentience?' (2021-03-25) (dolphins as an 'alien' intelligence) (Dolphins and SETI) (Denise Herzing)



'Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest?' (PBS 'Nova' episode):

Super Smart Dolphin Answers Questions | Extraordinary Animals | Earth (2013-12-11):

Dolphins (and some other animals): Aware of their own awareness?

Metacognition in non-human animals:

Are we ready for the concept of 'non-human persons?'

After life in captivity, dolphins to undergo sea change:

In Defense of Dolphins: (25mb podcast - Part 1) (27.4mb podcast - Part 2)

Dolphin 'diplomacy' in communications:

Dolphins display understanding of syntax:

Dolphin Intelligence (you all know me well enough to know what I think about that, right?):

Do dolphins have language? First, understand what's meant by 'language:' (15.9mb podcast of the above)

George Dvorsky: Will we ever learn to speak dolphin?

Are dolphins even motivated to talk to us?

Closer to dolphin understanding?

Laurance Doyle on the complexity of whale sounds (among other speakers) (34.7mb .mp3 podcast)

Google search on Laurance Doyle+Dolphins
Usenet search on Laurance Doyle+Dolphins (John C. Lilly [deceased] He went to the fringes of scientific credibility and beyond, but would we be talking about dolphin communication at all, without him?)
John Lilly's 'Sounds and the Ultra-Sounds of the Bottle-Nosed Dolphin' recording.
John Lilly videos
Google search on John Lilly+dolphins (Dolphin language and structure?) (Dolphin whistle analysis [Journal of the Acoustical Society of America papers])

Google search on dolphins+language+abstract

Google search on dolphins+whistles+frequency modulation

Swedish Startup Uses AI to Figure Out What Dolphins Talk About:
Google search

Google search on Diana Reiss (dolphin whistles and self-awareness) (with 8.2mb audio)

Using Self-View Television to Distinguish between Self-Examination and Social Behavior in the Bottlenose Dolphin:

Diana Reiss and Lori Marino on self-recognition/self-awareness in dolphins:
Google search

Dr Lori Marino on dolphin intelligence, rights: (How smart are dolphins? - Lori Marino)
Google search on Lori Marino+dolphins
Google search on Lori Marino

...But Dr. Marino is not a believer in 'dolphin therapy' programs:

More 'Human Rights' for dolphins:
Google search on "dolphins"+""
Google search on "dolphins"+"human rights"

'Cultural' behavior in whales and dolphins:

The Future Of Orcas Threatened In Changing Waters: (2020-08-20)
Also: (2020-08-20)

Communication between different dolphin species:
Google search on Laura May-Collado

The Whalesong Project:

Google search on *Dwight "Wayne" Batteau+dolphins (* deceased) (unsupervised detection of language in audio) (Leafy Seadragon cetacean communication software [Windows/Mac/Linux with Java 5 or later]) rch-that-support-seadragon.html
Google search on dolphins+Leafy Seadragon+communication (CymaGlyphs: Capturing what dolphins acoustically 'see...')
(Google search on 'CymaGlyphs') (Cetacean Research Technology [acoustic hardware/software]) (dolphin listening hydrophones) (Spectragram)

Google video search on dolphin sounds

Wikipedia on Spectrograms (Dolphin information at (Whale and Dolphin communication weblog) (Dolphin communication research summary) (Earthtrust & Sea Life Park Human-Dolphin Communication Project) (Dolphin mental abilities [Kenneth W. LeVasseur]) (The Dolphin Speech Project) * (The Dolphin Institute [Louis Herman]) *

More on Louis Herman's dolphin cognition research: (6.01mb podcast of the above)

Denise Herzing and The Wild Dolphin Project: (Facebook) (YouTube channel) (YouTube channel)
Guardians of the Sea: Wild Dolphins (YouTube video) (8.1mb podcast) (Communicating with dolphins, at Ted,com)


Denise Herzing: What Do Dolphins Talk about? (23.2mb podcast)

Denise Herzing: How do dolphins communicate? Cracking the code of the mammal’s whistles and clicks | PBS NewsHour:

Google Search on "Denise Herzing"
Google Search on "Wild Dolphin Project" (The Dolphin Communication Project)
Facebook presence
Google search on Dolphin Communication Project (The Dolphin Project)
Facebook presence
Google search on (SpeakDolphin)
Google search on (Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium [Randall Wells])
Google search (The Dolphin Research Center, Marathon, FL)
Google search (American Cetacean society)

'Ring Bubbles' of dolphins: cowan/Pubs/McCowanetal.JCP.2000.pdf (ABC News video) (YouTube video) (YouTube video) h?hl=en&q=%22ring+bubbles%22%2B%22dolphins%22&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq= (Google search on 'ring bubbles'+'dolphins') (Learning to 'see' like a dolphin at

Dolphins vs. diabetes: (14.4mb podcast)
Google search on dolphins+diabetes

Kathleen Dudzinski Home page:

Jaap van der Toorn Home Page: * (Directory of World Aquariums) (Miami Seaquarium) (New England Aquarium) (Marine World USA) (Marineland of Canada [Niagara Falls, Ontario]) (Aquarium of Niagara Falls [Niagara Falls, NY]) ('Facts about Dolphins' weblog) ('Dolphins' documentary film)

Dave's Whale and Dolphin Watch (with images, sounds and links) (Tursi's Treasury) (Orca Planet) (The Whale People) (Dolphin Camp)

Susan Casey's dolphin book "Voices in the Ocean" ( [dolphins in the waters around Ireland])

Fungie: The dolphin of Dingle, Ireland: (streaming video)

BBC documentary 'The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins' (John Lilly associate Margaret Howe-Lovatt): (full documentary)
Google search on Dolphns+Margaret Howe

'Home Is Where Your Dolphin Is' More on Peter and Margaret: (18.6mb podcast)

Image of Malcolm Brenner-1

Malcolm Brenner on Margaret Howe (Malcolm Brenner's personal story; 'Wet Goddess') ('Dolphin Lover' documentary website) ('Dolphin Lover' full documentary)

PBS documentary 'Sex in the Wild: Dolphins' (dolphin mating behavior [2014])

Uncovering Mysteries of Female Dolphin Sexual Anatomy (2022-01-10)

Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, Vol. 4: 'A Sound of Dolphins' (1972)

In The Wild With Robin Williams - Dolphins (1994) (Joan Ocean) (marine bioacoustics) * (Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project)
Facebook presence
Google search on Dolphin
Google search on Rick O'Barry+dolphins (BlueVoice dolphin conservation) (former dolphin trainer Laura Singer)
Google search on 'Laura Singer'+'dolphins'

Google search on 'Kathy Krieger'+'dolphins'

Former dolphin trainer Terry Glynn (1975 photo by Frank Glover)

Former dolphin trainer Erica Abt (with Frank Glover. 1975 photo by Brenton 'Chip' Kirk)
Erica was also credited as a dolphin trainer (with Peter Moss and Kathy Troutt) in "The Day of the Dolphin", 1973 (Kayce Cover) (* (training dolphin trainers)

International Marine Animal Trainers Association *

The Dolphin Discovery Centre (Marine Mammal Page) * (Humans as Marine Mammals) (The Dolphins Page) (Marine Mammals: Whales and Dolphins [more dolphin links])

The Dolphin Society, Sydney, Australia

Great new dolphin site located at:

More dolphin links

Dolphin Art Gallery/Virtual Dolphin Project:

Google search on dolphin font. (Visual Dolphin)

Want to swim like a dolphin?

...but the Man from Atlantis (Patrick Duffy) never needed help:,284/ (Dolphins with thumbs? [humor])

But, um, would you want your daughter to marry one...? /Wikipedia:WikiProject_Deletion_sorting/Israel_or_Palestine,7340,L-3264387,00.html

And relatedly, what happens when a dolphin is, um, 'In the mood...?' (streaming videos [NSFW]) (with female swimmer) (Jennifer Garner's amorous dolphin experience)

But if you're over there, then who...?

Now, is this or is this not a...wet dream? (mildly NSFW video)

I don't know wether to laugh, or shake my head at this...

'Ecco The Dolphin' video games,1360,story_id!1541-genre!-screentype!screenshot-pn!11,00.html (Sega's 2010-04-01 April Fool)

'Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures' computer game

'Marine Park Empire' computer game

'Aquazone Dolphin Trainer' Virtual dolphin training:

Cetacean Videography (with minor contribution by me) *

Days of the Dolphin: Cetaceans in Cold War Science and Science Fiction (Part One) (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

TV Tropes - Sapient Cetaceans aka: Sapient Dolphin

Cetacean Bibliography

Akeakamai, a subject in Louis Herman's dolphin language research [also a character in David Brin's SF novel 'Startide Rising'])

And speaking of David Brin, Isaac Arthur and John Michael Godier discuss the ethics of 'uplifting' (or not) near-intelligent species, intelligent species physically incapable of technology, and outright giving advanced technology to those who have not yet developed it: (Part 1) (Part 2)
...and the technologies that would be necessary

Dolphins, in the Known Space Universe of SF writer Larry Niven

I doubt dolphins talk quite like this, but hey...

...or like this, but it would be cool: (Yahoo 2003 Super Bowl Ad)

Flipper (1963 movie)

Flipper (1964-1968 TV series)

Flipper (1996 movie)

The Day of the Dolphin (1973 movie)

'Darwin' the dolphin of TV series 'SeaQuest DSV'

'Bluestar' (dolphins in space?)

'Delphinus,' the constellation of the dolphin.

'Cetus,' the constellation of the whale.

Olivia Newton John: 'The Promise' (The Dolphin Song) - 1981

The Partridge Family: 'Whale Song' - 1971

The Monkees: 'Porpoise Song' - 1967

Joe Scott on...Why Whales Explode:

No, it's not truly relevant, but we can't leave this category without once mentioning.... (Miami Dolphins NFL football)

Image of Miami Dolphins logo history

And probably not the kind of swimming with dolphins that you had in mind...


Cryonics/Suspended Animation


Wikipedia defines:
Suspended Animation

Google Video search on Cryonics

My first serious, non-fiction exposure to Suspended Animation, Robert W. Prehoda's Designing the Future (1967) and Suspended Animation (1969)
Robert C. W. Ettinger's ' The Prospect of Immortality'
'The Prospect of Immortality' in free PDF form (1962)

ABC News on Cryonics (Feburary 2008)

Joe Scott on Cryonics: (2018-10-01)

Katee Sackhoff on Cryonics: (2020-07-19)

Why Cryonics Makes Sense:

Michio Kaku says cryonics (again, not cryogenics) is bogus and why...

Max More of Alcor says he's wrong, and why...

Romain, Tiffany(2010) 'Extreme Life Extension: Investing in Cryonics for the Long, Long Term', Medical Anthropology, 29: 2, 194 — 215

Rudi Hoffman on funding your cryonic suspension via life insurance: (39.6mb podcast)

More cryonics funding questions (with comments by me, as delphinus100):

What if you want cryonic suspension, but your (probably female) spouse is hostile to it? (pdf file)

You died of cancer. You were cryonically suspended. You (and your wife) were revived 100-odd years later. Now what do you do?

It wasn't easy for Steve 'Captain America' Rogers to adjust to a 70-odd year jump, either... (Alcor Life Extension Foundation) (Alcor FAQ [frequently asked questions])
Alcor YouTube channel and Facebook page (Alcor FAQ [frequently asked questions]) (American Cryonics Society) (Cryonics Institute)
CI Facebook page (CryoCare [defunct]) (BioPreservation Institute) (Cryonics Society of Canada) (European cryonics support) (21st Century medicine) * (Suspended Animation, Inc.) (cryonics refernces) (BioTime low temperature [but above freezing] medical products)

The Molecular Repair of the Brain, by Ralph Merkle

Cryonics, Cryptography, and Maximum Likelyhood Estimation

Who says you're dead? Science? Or the Law?

At what moment are you dead? - Randall Hayes:

Ralph Merkle on the State of the Art in Cryopreservation, at the 2009 Longevity Summit (streaming YouTube videoes): (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Why suspend in liquid nitrogen? Hugh Hixon explains:

Ben Best on the scientific justification for cryonics:

New approach to vitrification?

Michael B. O'Neal's Cryonics Page

Kevin Brown's CryoNet page

Complete CryoNet Archives

Mike Darwin, cryonicist

Charles Platt, cryonicist/science fiction writer

Isaac Arthur on 'Cryonics: Frozen Civilizations'

Urban Myths: "Frozen Disney" (bottom of page)

'L.A. Law' TV series cryonics episode

Google search on 'Permafrost Burial' (alternative to cryonic suspension)

'Plastination' (alternative to cryonic suspension) (plastination ethics)
Google search on Brain Plastination
Google search on Plastination

The Brain Preservation Foundation
Google search on The Brain Preservation Foundation
Wikipedia on The Brain Preservation Foundation
Facebook presence

This is barely cryonics (the guy is only kept at dry ice temperatures and has partly thawed, twice), but it's fun...

The 'Frozen Dead Guy' of Nederland, Colorado





Google Video search on Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology: the basics (sci.nanotech FAQ and other information) (The Foresight Institute) (The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology) (CRN weblog) (Institute for Molecular Manufacturing)

Online "Engines of Creation," by K. Eric Drexler

Eric Drexler's Nanotechnology (and more) blog:

The 'comeback' of molecular machine nanotechnology:

Ray Kurzweil interviews Eric Drexler:

Life Extension Foundation review of 'Nanomedicine'

Robert Freitas and Ray Kurzweil on nanotechnology:

Robert Frietas interview (medical nanotechnology): (part 1) (part 2)

Robert Freitas' 'Molecular Assembler' site

Robert Freitas: Medical nanobots against Alzheimers:

Computational tasks for medical nanomachines:

Aubrey De Gray on nanotechnology in medicine/anti-aging:

Nanotechnology in Medicine (Dr. Gregory Fahy)

Nanotechnological Cell Repair Machines

Google search on Cell Repair Machines

The Star Trek origins of the term 'nanite'!topic/sci.nanotech/16_PWPiMbyM

Nanotechnology in Science Fiction (2009) (1995)

Ralph Merkle's Nanotechnology Page

Nanotechnology on the World Wide Web

Drexler Assemblers and the Origin of Life

NanoTechnology Magazine's Web Page


Nanothinc Home Page

Nanotechnology Now (nanotech news)

Science Daily/Nanotechnology

'NanoGirl' Gina Miller

Advanced Nanotechnology weblog

Subject: NASA winning the "NSF/NIST" competition.
Foresight's recent quarterly email newsletter described the new competition between NSF and NIST to fund nanotechnology. But as long-time members of this list know -- and as we should have pointed out to new readers -- the frontrunning U.S. agency in explicit nanotechnology research is NASA. Relevant URLs include: (Nanotechnology investment) (Zyvex nano development [with numerous links])

J. Storrs Hall's "Nanofuture: What's Next for Nanotechnology?" at (Chris Phoenix)

Chris Phoenix on nanotechnology and life extension: (part 1 - 23.4mb podcast) (part 2 - 23.5mb podcast)

Chris Phoenix on nanotechnology, molecular manufacturing, and more: (mb podcast - part 1) (mb podcast - part 2) (24.3mb podcast - part 3)

Catherine Asaro, Stephanie Osborn and David L. Burkhead on Nanotechnology: (48.5mb podccast)

Nuclear-powered nanobot could make eating...unnecessary:

Sabine Hossenfelder: The New Science of Microscopic Robots (2022-03-19)

Joe Scott: So Where Exactly Are We With Nanotechnology? (2022-03-21)

Isaac Arthur: Programmable & Smart Matter (2022-03-31)


Life Extension

Google Video search on Life Extension

Life Extension: the basics on Indefinite Life Span on Actuarial Escape Velocity

My first serious, non-fiction exposure to Life Extension, Robert W. Prehoda's 'Desigining the Future' (1967) and Extended Youth (1968)

American Aging Association

The Life Extension Foundation *

LongeCity: Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

Anti Aging Research Laboratories * (More Life)

Life Enhancement Products
Google search on "Durk Pearson"+"Sandy Shaw"

Pete's Place (supplement weblog)

What's now most likely to kill any particular age:

7 Life Extension Technologies That Could Help You Live To 150 Answers With Joe:

Eight tips for living long enough for serious life-extension and...existential angst: (25.1mb .mp3 podcast)

100+: The Coming Age of Longevity: (part 1) (25.0mb podcast) (part 2) (26.1mb podcast) (24th Century Medicine [Thomas Donaldson(deceased/cryopreserved)])

Star Trek Advocated For Life Extension And Didn't Even Know It

Joe Scott: We're Shockingly Close To A Cure For Aging (2022-05-16) on AGE protein cross-link inhibitor Pyridoxamine (a Vitamin B-6 relative)

More Pyridoxamine links:

The SENS Research Foundation on Repairing the Extracellular Matrix

Dr. William Bains on Cross-linking of the Extracellular Matrix: (2018-02-05) (2019-11-06) (2019-12-09)

Lance Hitchings: Extracellular Matrix Stiffening & AGEs: Structural Aging (2021-10-26)

Google search on glucosephane, the next target for cross-link breaking drugs? (2020-10-06)

Is Chebulic Acid a potential glucosephane cross-link breaker?

...Probably not (but keep an eye on it anyway):

Could Revel Pharmaceuticals come to the rescue, in the cross-link breaking space? (2020-01-08) (2021-09-09)
Google search on Revel Pharmaceuticals

(AGE = Advanced Glycation Endproducts )

Dr. Pankaj Kapahi: AGEs are a Trillion-Dollar Industry (2022-02-22) links on AGE/ALT-711

Google search on ALT-711

Google Usenet Newsgroup Archive search on ALT-711

Google Usenet Newsgroup Archive search on glycation

Google Usenet Newsgroup Archive search on glycosylation

Google search on Alagebrium Chloride (generic name of ALT-711)

ALT-711 found essentially ineffecive in humans... (2009-01-14)

Google search on metformin+aging

Google search on alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine combination

Google search on R-Lipoic Acid (R-entanomer of Alpha Lipoic Acid) mitochondria-targeted antioxidant

Google search on MitoQ (Mitoquinone), mitochondria-targeted antioxidant

Google search on PBN (advanced antioxidant)

Life Extension Foundation search on PBN (advanced antioxidant) (Genescient genomics against aging) (Buck Institute [aging research])

The Sheekey Science Show (Biochemist Eleanor Sheeky)
Facebook presence
Google search

Michael Lustgarten, Ph.D.

Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano (Vittorio Sebastiano at Undoing Aging 2019 [2019-12-04]) (Finding a Way to Turn Back Time—Vittorio Sebastiano—Turn Biotechnologies [2020-02-06]) (Restore Human Cells to Youthful State - Part 1 [2020-10-04])
(Restore Human Cells to Youthful State - Part 2 [2020-10-04])
Google search on 'Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano'

Dr Andrew Steele - Ageless - CPS 2021 (Aging Is a Disease That Can Be Treated [2021-01-19]) (Dr Andrew Steele - Ageless - CPS 2021 [2021-03-03]) (The future of the science of aging [2021-01-24])
Google search on 'Dr Andrew Steele'

Dr. George Church (Stephen's Pretty Sure George Church Said He's Going To Live Forever [2016-01-06]) (Reversing Human Aging [June 2018]) (George Church on CBS '60 Minutes,' 2019-12-08) (George Church Wants to Make Genetic Matchmaking a Reality [2019-04-15] (George Church Talks Age Reversal and Woolly Mammoth DNA [2019-12-05]) (George Church: Playing God With Our Genes [2020-03-16]) (George Church in the Xchange: Curiosity-Driven Science, Technology, And Society [2020-07-31])
Google search on George Church

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann on aging ('The Kaufmann Protocol' website) (YouTube video playlist) (Vimeo video playlist) (2019-01-05) (starting :22 minures into video [2019-04-25]) (September 2018) (Kaufmann Protocol discussion at Age Reversal Forum)
Facebook presence
Google search

Dr. Gregory Fahy: Can DHEA, Metformin, and Growth Hormone restore Thymus/Immune function? (2020-03-27)

Age Reversal Forum (human age-reversal studies, news, ideas, and self-experimentation)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick: (Rhonda Patrick on Vitamin D supplementation [2013-08-14]) (Dr. Patrick interviews Aubrey de Grey [2016-05-17]) (Dr. Patrick interviewed by Joe Rogan [2018-10-02]) (Dr. Patrick interviews David Sinclair [2019-11-06])
Facebook presence
Google search

Dr. Dale Bredesen on Alzhimers (Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease- Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD with Dr. Rhonda Patrick [2016-12-13]) (Dr. Dale Bredesen on Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer's Disease [2018-10-01])
Facebook presence
Google search on Dale Bredesen

Google search on Insulin+Alzheimer's

Dr. Bruce Ames: Vitamin and Mineral Inadequacy Accelerates Aging-associated Disease (2014-03-26)
Google search on Bruce Ames

Life Extension FAQ

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Home Page

Wikipedia on aging rejuvenation

Aubrey De Gray and anti-aging research (YouTube video)
Google search on Aubrey deGray
Google video search on Aubrey de Gray
Usenet search on Aubrey deGray (Dr. Aubrey de Grey - Radical Longevity [2017-09-15])
Aubrey deGrey on life extension and the Singularity (.pdf file)
Aubrey deGray's Ending Aging - The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging In Our Lifetime at

SENS ends its consulting relationship with Aubrey de Grey...

Aubrey responds

SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Research Foundation:
SENS Facebook presence
Google search on SENS Research Foundation Crowdfunding and advocacy for aging research FAQ Facebook presence YouTube Channel
Google search on

Longevity Technology

AgingBiotech.Info - aging/longevity related companies (Karl Pfleger)
Longevity Investment: Aubrey de Grey, Karl Pfleger, Sonia Arrison, Nils Regge, Joe Betts-Lacroix
Google search on

The Methuselah Foundation...

...and their 'Mprize' to demonstrate signifigant life extension/age reversal in mice:

Maximum Life Foundation

Manhattan Beach Project/Longevity Summit:">">
Google search on 'Manhattan Beach Project'

Never Say Die - NewAmerica Foundation seminar on life-extension policy (streaming YouTube videos): (Intro and Keynote) (Panel 1) (Panel 2)

Book 'Fantastic Voyage: Living Long Enough to Live Forever' (Ray Kurzweil)

Dr. Roy Walford(deceased), Gerontology Pioneer, Author of "The 120-Year Diet"

Why Caloric Restriction works:
(Google search on caloric restriction+mitochondria )
(Google search on caloric restriction+sir2 )
(Google search on caloric restriction+insulin )
(Google search on caloric restriction+resveratrol ) on Resveratrol

Resveratrol, the Sir2 gene and life extension:

Dr. David Sinclair on life extension through epigenetic expression: Sinclair's podcast) (Stephen Simpson and David Sinclair: 'Scientists Close to Reversing Aging') (David Sinclair - Rewinding the clock on aging blood vessels [2017-03-22]) (David Sinclair - Medicine and Aging [2017-07-29]) (David Sinclair on radiation-induced DNA damage repair, and anti-aging [2017-12-04]) (Joe Rogan Experience #1234 - David Sinclair [2019-01-29])
More David Sinclair video (Partial Cellular Reprogramming to Reverse Aging in Cells [2019-05-01])
Google search on David Sinclair
Google search on Aging+epigenetics

Google search on NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

NAD+: Cancer Research Points to Key Unknowns about Popular "Antiaging" Supplements - Scientific American (2019-05-30)

NAD+ and Cellular Senescence Pathways Interact (2019-06-11)

Nichola Conlon, CEO and Co-Founder of Nuchido, on Nicotinamide production restoration: (2019-12-17)
Google search on Nichola Conlon

Dr. Rhonda Patrick on: 'NAD+ in Aging: Role of Nicotinamide Riboside and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide' (2020-01-28)

Dr Brad Stanfield: NMN & NAD+ are not known to cause cancer, but could they accelerate pre-existing cancer? (2021-05-18)

Brent Nally: What Is NAD+? Longevity Boosts of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide & NMN (2021-08-26)
Google search on Nichola Conlon

Google search on Nicotinamide Riboside

Google search on Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Google search on the Horvath Clock

Epigenetic Clocks Help to Find Anti-Aging Treatments | Steve Horvath | TEDxBerkeley (2020-03-27)

Epigenetic Clocks: Which Has The Best Correlation For Aging and Age-Related Diseases? (2020-09-27)

Dr Steve Horvath and Dr. Rhonda Patrick: (Vitamin D and omega-3 may slow epigenetic aging [2020-12-23]) (Can young stem cells reverse epigenetic age? [2021-01-08])

Google search on AMPK (5' AMP-activated protein kinase) (Wikipedia) (Life

Michael West on Aging and Regenerative Medicine: (Regenerative Medicine and Aging - Dr. Michael West [2013-12-04]) (WSCS16 - Day 3 - The Future of Human Aging, by Michael D. West, Ph.D,.CEO of BioTime [2016-12-08]) (Dr. Michael West at World Stem Cell Summit: the Future of Aging & induced Tissue Regeneration [2016-12-20])
Google search on Michael West+aging
Google search on BioTime

Liz Parrish and BioViva versus aging: (Liz Parrish speaks at People Unlimited event [video, 48 min] (62.3mb podcast) (BioViva CEO Liz Parrish on Becoming Gene Therapy Test Subject [2016-01-22]) (Liz Parrish on being the first anti-aging gene therapy patient [2020-01-08]) (Videos | BioViva Science)
Liz Parrish and Bio Viva Sciences, Inc on Facebook
Google search on Liz Parrish+aging

'Reason,' CEO of Repair Biotechnologies (Reason - Philosophy of Anti Aging [2019-08-01]) (Investing in the Age of Longevity 2019 [2019-12-06]) (Repair Biotechnologies Company Showcase [2020-05-28])
Google Search

Forever Labs (freezing your stem cells today, for use in future medical treatment)
Google search on Forever Labs

Sonia Arrison and The Coming Age of Longevity: (What Happens When Our Hearts & Our Minds Get More Time Feburary, 2015)
Google search on Sonia Arrison

To Age or Not to Age (documentary film):
Google search

Isaac Arthur on Life Extension and its implications: (2017-02-09) (2018-11-01) (2021-04-11)

'2 The Future' with Jixuan & Sebastian: 'Can We Live Long Enough To Retire On Mars?' (Radical Life Extension Technology [2020-11-18])

Dr David Sinclair: NASA DNA repair and solar/cosmic radiation mitigation research, microgravity mitigation, anti-aging and NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) life extension, social costs of living longer (2017-12-04)

Myostatin enhancement against muscle and bone loss in zero-gravity / musculoskeletal diseases / muscle and bone loss through aging (2019-12-05) (Mighty Mice stay mighty in space [2020-09-07])
Google search on 'mighty mice in space'

Also: Elizabeth Parrish on Myostatin enhancement: (BioViva Journey - Muscle Mass and Myostatin Inhibition with Liz Parrish [2019-06-26]) (Follistatin: A Myostatin Inhibitor for Muscle Health with Liz Parrish and Integrated Health Systems [2020-04-03])

'TeloYears:' Determining the state of your own telomeres (But is it reliable...?)
Google search on 'TeloYears'

Telomerase activator TA-65: (with embedded video) (2011-04-11) (.pdf file) (Stephen Euin Cobb interviews Noel Patton of T.A Sciences on 'TA-65:') (29.2mb podcast) (21.3mb podcast) (Stephen Ewin Cobb describes his experience with TA-65 [some parts very technical]) (36.8mb podcast) (Dr. Ed Park of Recharge Biomedical on the use of TA-65)
Is TA-65 Cycloastragenol? (.pdf file)
Google search on TA-65
Google search on Cycloastragenol
Google search on Telomerase

Sierra Sciences/Bill Andrews Telomerase Research: ('Aging is not going to cure itself' with audio and video) ('Bill Andrews, PhD - How Telomere Research is Turning Back the Aging Clock')
Google Search on 'Bill Andrews+Telomeres''
Google Search on 'Product B

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) mitochondrial generating and protective nutrient:
Google search on PQQ

Stem cell enhancing nutraceutical 'Stem Cell 100' (2010-10-09) (2011-01-24) (2011-04-18)
Google search on Stem Cell 100

Wikipedia on Rapamycin
Wikipedia on the mTOR (mammalian Target Of Rapamycin) protein (see also the January 2012 issue of Scientific American) (Peter Attia has a clinician approach to longevity and discusses Rapamycin dosage)
Google search on Rapamycin

Wikipedia on Metformin
Google search on Metformin
Metformin+aging (ApoptoSENS - Clearing Senescent Cells) (ApoptoSENS: Removing dysfunctional cells)

A Perspective on Clinical Translation of Senolytic Drugs (2017-04-20)

Will Stem Cells Be Affected by Senolytic Therapies for Senescent Cells? LEAF Panel (2017-08-03) (2018-03-15)

Oisin Biotechnologies CSO John Lewis at Undoing Aging (2018-06-04)

Senolytics for Age-Related Muscle Loss and Frailty (2018-06-16)

Oisin Biotechnologies Produces Impressive Mouse Life Span Data from an Ongoing Study of Senescent Cell Clearance (2018-07-17)

Surviving the Zombie Cell Apocalypse with Stephen Hilbert from Oisin Biotechnologies (2018-09-07)

Stephen Hilbert at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018 — Treating Aging with SENSOlytics (2018-09-20)

Animal Data Shows Fisetin to be a Surprisingly Effective Senolytic (2018-10-03)

Timeline for anti-aging treatment against senescent cells (2018-10-09)

The First Therapy that Targets Aging is in Human Trials Now (2018-10-11)

Enthusiasm for Senolytic Therapies (2018-10-15)

Senescent Cells Accelerate the Accumulation of More Senescent Cells (2018-11-26)

What Else can be Achieved with Better Control of Senescent Cells? (2018-11-29)

Bill Faloon on Senolytics and Age Reversal | RAADfest (2018-12-02)

Judith Campisi at Undoing Aging 2019 (2019-04-30)

Judith Campisi - Senolytics for Healthy Aging (2019-07-31)

Google search on Dr. Judith Campisi

Life Extension Magazine on senolytics: (February 2019)

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs): A new senolytic approach - (from 'The Sheekey Science Show' [2021-10-30]):

My ultimate guide to senotherapeutics (senolytics vs. senomorphics) - (from 'The Sheekey Science Show'[2021-05-07])

Fisetin (senolytic potential)? - (from 'The Sheekey Science Show' [2021-01-13]):

Google search on senescent cell removing senolytics

Predicting the Order of Arrival of the First Rejuvenation Therapies – Fight Aging!

Funding Life-Extension Research and Development:

Liz Parrish - Human of the Future:

Dr. Aubrey de Grey at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018 — Rejuvenation is Finally an Industry:

Dr. James Peyer at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018 — A Portfolio Approach To Longevity:

Investors are pouring money into startups that are trying to find a cure for aging:

Master Investor: Investing in the Age of Longevity event, 2019 (presentation videos)

Elon Musk on longevity...strangely not as visionary as he is on other technologies:
Google search

....but space competitor Jeff Bezos is rather more interested in life-extension.

See also Aubrey's take on Jeff and Elon at 1hr 20min into this video... on Rhodiola Rosea

Virtual Pritikin Longevity Center (GNC [General Nutrition Center]) (The Vitamin Shoppe) (Lori's Natrual Foods [supplements]) (Living To 100 [life expectancy calculator])

Personal finance concerns for life-extensionists:

Investment/Retirement when aging ceases to matter: Personal finance concerns for life-extensionists (2013): (30.2mb podcast part 1) (31.9mb podcast part 2)

Financial Implications of Extreme Longevity:

The Future of Pensions | | LEAF: (2019-05-15)

Paul Spiegel Beyond retirement, a new social compact for the age of longevity

Here's What A World Without Aging Might Look Like: (2021-06-28) (Science Daily/Anti-Aging)

Cynthia Kenyon on genetic life extension ( video)
Google search on Cynthia Kenyon
Usenet search on Cynthia Kenyon

John Sperling and anti-aging research
Google search on John Sperling+aging
Usenet search on John Sperling (cholestrol control at

Phil Kaplan's metabolism/diet page

What makes muscles grow? - Jeffrey Siegel:

This is what it means to 'use it or lose it' (and why it's hard to stay fit in space):

GW501516 (Cardarine): 'Exercise in a bottle?' Or is the cancer risk too great? (from the 'Only A Game' website)
Google search on GW501516

Muscular Development magazine (supplements and fitness)

Super Human Radio (supplements, fitness and life extension podcasts)

'Stealing Time' PBS aging research documentary

Longevity Report (Life Extension/Cryonics/Nanotech)

National Institute on Aging

World's Healthiest Foods

9 Lies About Fat That Destroyed The World's Health:

13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat: (Dr. Sanjay Gupta)

To Live Forever - or Die Trying: SF writer Robert Sawyer on life extension, and multigenerational knowledege and wisdom

Life-Extension, population growth and space settlement: The Long view...

The Economics of indefinite life-extension: (with video) (with video)

Population pyramids:

The Challenge of Global Aging: Can we get healthy Life Extension before the system can no longer support the elderly? (streaming YouTube video)

Demography Today-Aubrey de Grey, Limits to Human Longevity: New Ways to Analyze Data and New Ways to Predict the Future

Raymond James Commercial - "The Woman Who Lived Longer Than Any Person Who Has Ever Lived"

Are you 110 years of age or older? The Supercentenarian Research Foundation wants to meet you: (YouTube video, part 1) (YouTube video, part 2) (YouTube video, part 3)


Jeanne Calmet (1875-1997), the longest documented human lifespan to date. (122.45 years)

Other longevity record contenders




Google search on Transhumanism

Google Video search on Transhumanism on Transhumanism on Extropianism

James Hughes and Max More on the origins of Transhumanism: (part 1)
13.4mb podcast (part 2)
27.1mb podcast

James Hughes on politics and Technoprogressivism: (83mb podcast)

Isaac Arthur on Transhumanism and Life-Extension/Immortality:

Extropy Institute's Web Site

Homo Excelsior *

Transhumanist Resources

Frontier Organizations (Transhuman/Extropian/Nanotech/Cryonics/Space/Life-Extension and more) (Next Big Future) (life-extension/biology/nanotech/transhumanist news) (transhumanist issues) (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies) (The Lifeboat Foundation) on Human Enhancement

Technological/social 'singularity'

Isaac Arthur on Technological Singularaties: on the Singularity
Other Singularites (The Speculist [singulitarian weblog])

Jay Prime Positive's Home Page

Derek Strong's "Stronghold"


Five Things You Can Do To Fight Entropy Now (by Romana Machado)

J. Storrs Hall's "Nanofuture: What's Next for Nanotechnology?" at (Ray Kurzweil)

Why Technology Favors Tyranny (the 'good guys' are not destined to win...) (Joel Garreau) (But can we handle it, when it happens...?) (...Or if it happens: Vernor Vinge on Singularity alternatives) (print-friendly version of the above) (.mp3 audio of the above, plus questions and answers)

Okay, we get a Technological Singularity...then what?

Aubrey De Grey on life extension and the Singularity: (.pdf file)

This is how the economy works today so how do we get from that, to...

A 'Post-Scarcity' world: We all want it, but how do we get there? How would it work? Will there still be money? Would we still know what to do with ourselves? (streaming video)
Google search on 'Post-scarcity'

And, K. Eric Drexler's book, 'Radical Abundnce' (Eric Drexler on transforming the material basis of civilization) ( - YouTube video) (YouTube video)

If we could have as much as we want, how much would we want?

Isaac Arthur on Post-Scarcity Societies:

Isaac Arthur on Post-Scarcity Societies and Privacy:

Isaac Arthur on Post-Scarcity Societies and Reality:

Isaac Arthur on Post-Scarcity Societies and Purpose: (2018-06-28) (2021-04-15)

Isaac Arthur on the mirror-image of Machine Overlords & Post-Discontent Societies:

Aubrey de Gray and Joe Rogan: Does Work Have a Place in a Post-Aging World? (2020-02-26)

Isaac Arthur on 'The Santa Claus Machine' (radical automated production and delivery technology)

Isaac Arthur on Cryptocurrency:

Neha Narula on the Future of Money, and Cryptocurrency:

Google search on cryptocurrency

Isaac Arthur on Economies of the Future:

Barry Levin on possible post-AI economies: (2018-01-08)

Google search on Universal Basic Income

Do robots currently create more jobs than they take?

Ten Responses to the Technological Unemployment Problem:

The Good and Bad futures that robotics/AI could bring: (Part 1 - 27.1mb podcast) (Part 2 - 29.5mb podcast)

Jeremy Rifkin on the Zero Marginal Cost Society and the Decline of Capitalism: (with audio and video)

The End of Work...?

The Future of Work and death: Neither are as inevitable as you may think...

Are We Heading for a Jobless Future? (65mb podcast)

After Robots Take Our Jobs, This Is What the Economy Will Look Like:

How To Make A Living When Robots Take Our Jobs:

Universal Basic Income — The Foundation of a Technically Advanced Society:

Should a 'Basic Income' be the same everywhere?f

Humans Need Not Apply: Eventual automated outsourcing of all jobs...

Robots, Unemployment, and Basic Income

Aristotle, Robot Slaves, and a New Economic System:

AI and technological inequality:

Economist Andrew McAfee: 'What Will Future Jobs Look Like?' ( video)

A world without Work:

Hi, Robot:

How Soon Until the Economy's Real Job Creators Are Robots?

Transitioning to a Post-Employment, Post-Scarcity, Post-Money Economy - Ben Goertzel:

Not just automation but other economic forces have been reducing labor participation for decades:

Why Robots Will Replace CEOs |

What, you thought this was just a blue-collar manufacturing issue?

So more and more jobs will be replaced by robots. But will they at least be our robots...?:

But what if we forget how to do those things ourselves...?

"How Will You Get Robots to Pay Union Dues?" "How Will You Get Robots to Buy Cars?"| Quote Investigator

Robots don't buy cars - YouTube

The last job on Earth: Imagining a fully automated world

Why Silicon Valley is embracing universal basic income:

BS Jobs: Money for Nothing?

What if everybody got free cash? Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income (video):

Basic Income Guarantee will allow us to move up the Maslow Pyramid - interview with Gerd Leonhard:

The Case For Universal Prosperity: (part 1) (part 2)

Demanding a Post-Work World: Technological Unemployment and the Human Future:

'Robot-proof' jobs?

Not just automation but other economic forces have been reducing labor participation for decades:

Bain forecasts 10-15 year automation driven economic boom but many impacts from wages losses and job losses:

Isaac Arthur on 'Jobs of the Future:'

Will universal basic income end inequality? Maybe.

Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody?

Basic income and other ways to fix capitalism | Federico Pistono (2015-09-16)

Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang's Case for UBI (2019-02-12)

Andrew Yang: UBI Doesn't cause Inflation (2019-01-10)

Joe Scott: Is Universal Basic Income The Key To The Future? (2019-08-12)

Is This Time Different? Race, Labor, and AI | Dorian Warren | AI Now (2016-07-07)

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

Measuring The Quality Of Work | Andrew Yang's Automation Message Is About More than a Paycheck - YouTube (2019-11-30)

Vivienne Ming: Future of Human Potential, Employment, AI
Google search on Vivienne Ming

Is Technology Killing Capitalism? (2016-08-17)

Is This The End Of Capitalism? (2020-08-31)

Isaac Arthur: A Future Without Money? (2021-09-30)

The 'no money,' post-scarcity economy of Star Trek: (16.4mb podcast) (Star Trek - The "Leftist" Future | Renegade Cut) (Star Trek No Money Society: Nog Pwns Jake)

Possible histories of The Borg: (2015-05-14) (2021-06-04)

Timothy Sandefur on: 'The Politics of Star Trek' (46.1mb podcast)

Utopia: What is it? Will we know it if we see it? 73.3mb podcast

'Artificial' meat: (February 2013) (February 2013) (March 2012) (May 2014) (August 2014) (April 2015) (May 2016) (Feburary 2017) (May 2018) (2018-09-20) (2018-11-20) (2019-07-04) (Aleph Farms: Synthetic meat in Space [2019-10-07]) (Aleph Farms) (Clean Meat: Lab Grown Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize the World [2019-11-26])

Bill McKibben discusses Transhumanism, human enhancement and life-extension in this two-part podcast interview (53 and 55mb audio files)

The IEET’s James Hughes on Transhumanist organiztions, and more... (part 1 - 28.7mb podcast) (part 2 - 31.8mb podcast)

Max More on Transhumanism: (with video)

Mind 'Uploading' (with link to streaming Google video)

The Hedonistic Imperative

David Brin discusses the Fermi Paradox, the Singularity, human transcndence, and how to disdcuss it with others (with video):

Buddhism, Robot Ethics, the beginnigs of IEET and more, with James Hughes: (streaming/downloadable audio)

Religion and Transhumanism : (part 1, with link to 26.3mb podcast) (part 2, with link to 27.5mb podcast)
(141kb PDF file, 18.2mb Powerpoint file)

God and the Singularity

What some fear from Transhumanism: (14mb podcast)


Science Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure/Comics/Celebrities






Science Fiction: the basics

Hugo Gernsback, creator of the original term 'scientifiction' or 'scientific fiction'', today known as 'science fiction,' 'speculative fiction,' 'sci-fi,' or 'SF'

'Space Opera,' and other sub-genres of science fiction (Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame [Seattle, WA]) (Internet Speculative Fiction Database) (Dr. Nader Elhefnawy on Space in literature, including, but not limited to scence fiction on Science Fiction Fandom on Science Fiction Conventions (or just 'cons')

Google search on List of science fiction convnetions (Anime conventions listing)

Rochester Fantasy Fans/Astronomicon SF convention
(see also their Science Fiction Resource link)

Buffalo Fantasy League/EerieCon SF convention
(with links to other cons and author's webpages) (Facebook presence) (Rochester's Speculative Literature Group) (Rochester Sci-Fi Anime Con) (Local Rochester SF fan organizations) (ConFusion SF convention [Novi, MI]) (Facebook presence) (Ad Astra SF convention [Toronto, ON Canada]) (Facebook presence) (ConClave SF convention [Dearborn, MI]) (Facebook presence) (Anime North anime convetion [Toronto, ON Canada]) (Facebook presence) (Millennicon SF convention [Cincinnati, OH]) (ApolloCon SF convention [Houston, TX]) (Facebook presence) (Albacon SF convention [Albany, NY]) (Facebook presence) (Philcon SF convention [Philadelphia, PA]) (Facebook presence) (OniCon anime convention [Galveston, TX]) (Facebook prsence) (DragonCon SF convention [Atlanta, GA]) (Facebook presence) (Worldcon World Science Fiction convention [anywhere on the planet...]) (San Diego Comic Con [San Diego, CA]) (Facebook presence)

Science Ficton/Comic and other convention safety in the age of Covid-19/Coronavirus (and later patogenic threats): (How Coronavirus Is Affecting the Con Circuit | The Mary Sue) (COMIC-CON: Coronavirus Safety Guide for Conventions (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)) (Dorsai Irregulars) on 'filk' singing (Renaissance Festival [Sterling, New York]) (Renaissance Faire [Hamilton, Ontario]) (Renaissance magazine [for re-enactors/role players/festival fans of the period]) (Niagara Celtic Festival) (Twig the Fairy) (Pennsic Wars) (Society for Creative Anachronism)

'SCA' (other meanings) (Faerie Magazine) (Bells & Motley [Sondra & John Bromka, storytellers/musicians/artists]) (Enchanted Shire)

Fifty Writing Quotes:

Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling:

And...Pixar vs. Disney: 'What if...' vs. 'Once upon a time...'

11 Rules of Good Writing of Iain M. Banks:

Elmore Leonard's 10 rules on writing:

Robert A. Heinlein's Rules for Writing (short and simple):

The Truth About Books, Money, Awards (And Not Quitting Your Day Job):

Want to start writing in 2015? Here are five steps to help you begin:

One cause of bad writing:

The Case of the Copula Overdose – Woodward Press:

...and relatedly:

What is Passive Voice and How Do I Make It Active?

Writing Out of Order:

8 Unstoppable Rules For Writing Killer Short Stories:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding:

10 Space Empires That Actually Make Economic Sense:

10 Lessons From Real-Life Revolutions That Fictional Dystopias Ignore:

10 Types of Writers Block:

Writing Descriptive Passages Without Boring the Reader or Yourself:

A Writing Tip that Mostly Works:

One Free Trick: How to Use the Writing Skills You Have to Learn the Ones You Don’t

How to get others to read your SF/Fantasy stories:

How To Raise The Stakes In Your Story Without Wrecking Your Characters:

"But...when are you going to write real fiction?" (ARRRRGH!)

Twelve quotes from authors to remember when starting your first book:

How can you tell stories, when its important premises may be obsolete tomorrow...?

10 Things That Every Brand New Creator of Science Fiction Should Know:

How to Research Like a Writer:

How to Write a Great Science Fiction Novel in 7 Easy Steps:

One Weird Trick For Cutting Down Your Novel:

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Protagonist Before Writing Your Novel:

How To Write About Sex Without Being Boring:

Top Ten Rules of Space Opera:

Why You Should Never Write Action Scenes For Your Blockbuster Movie:

On Writing Fight Scenes! [ Sanderson GoT The Shining Dragon Tattoo ]

The 8 Worst Kinds of Fictional Romances:

The Secret of Writing An Action Movie in Book Form:

Read classic literature, to write SF that makes sense:

20+ Screenwriting Tricks And Tropes We Never Need To See Again...

The Paradoxes That Define Our Relationship With Science Fiction:

10 Writing "Rules" We Wish More Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Would Break:

6 Ways That Fanfiction Makes Your Writing Stronger

The keys to good SF/Fantasy storytelling:

The Difference Between a Great Story and a Shitty Story Is Often Really Tiny:

Jeff VanderMeer's Secrets to Writing Great Imaginative Fiction:

Sherlock and the Problem with Plot Twists |

'Sociological' to 'Psychological' writing: What went wrong in the last season of Game of Thrones

How to Make People Fall in Love With Your Ridiculously Competent Hero:

What Writers Should Learn From Wonder Woman:

The 'Heroine's' journey:

Five Signs Your Story Is Sexist – Against Men:

'Jake Sisko, writer:'

How to Write a Screenplay - scriptwriting for beginners

How MacGuffins Can Ruin Movies:

How CGI Transformed Animated Storytelling: on storytelling:

Mohsin Hamid: To be a better writer, read your words aloud

Many writers say they can actually hear the voices of their characters – here’s why

Harlan Ellison -- Pay the Writer!

So you want to write a novel? Don't do it this way... (YouTube video) (Science Fiction Writers of America) (SFF Net) (Internet Writing Journal) (SF Writer's Tips) (literary/screenwriter's software) (Various print SF links and reviews) (Tor SF/Fantasy books/ebooks) (Analog SF magazine)

http://www.asimov' (Asimov's SF magazine) (Locus SF magazine) (Tomorrow SF) (Escape Pod [SF podcasting]) (Science Fiction Archive) (Internet Review of Science Fiction) (...where technology meets science fiction) (Geekologie) (Ain't It Cool News) ( (Daily Tech) (Next Big Future) (The Future And You [Science/SF podcasts]) (No Fear of the Future [SF/science/social]) ( SF forum) (The Sci-Fi Channel) (SF/science writer Isaac Asimov[deceased]) (SF/science writer Arthur C. Clarke[deceased]) (SF writer Robert A. Heinlein[deceased] fans and philosophical supporters) (SF writer Larry Niven fan page)
A timeline Of Niven's 'Known Space' stories (SF writer David Brin) (SF/science/computing writer Jerry Pournelle) (SF writer/physicist John G. Cramer) (SF/fantasy writer/physicist Catherine Asaro) (SF writer Robert Sawyer) (SF writer Greg Bear) (SF writer Forrest Ackerman[deceased]) (SF writer Nancy Kress) (SF/fantasy writer Doranna Durgin) (SF writer Alexis Glynn Latner) (SF/fantasy writer Susan Wright) (Susan Wright's weblog) (SF/fantasy/erotica/horror/poetry/computer game background writer Arinn Dembo) (SF writers Lisa Goldstein, Pat Murphy, Michaela Roessener) (SF writer/cryonicist Charles Platt) (SF writer/physicist Dr. Robert Forward[deceased]) (SF/fantasy writer Douglas Adams[deceased])

Advanced Sci-fi Civilisations Too Stupid To Really Exist

Nanotechnology in Science Fiction (Internet Movie Database) (Contact [see also ])* (USS Enterprise...real, and yet-to-be) (YouTube video)
"All these ships were named Enterprise."
- Captain Willard Decker, 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'

Star Trek's Orion 'slave women...' (YouTube video)

...but it's not until the 'Star Trek: Enterprise' episode 'Bound,' that we learn that they're the slavers, not the slavees.

Why Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Has the Best Space Battle Ever! (Hint: the late James Horner [2022-04-24])

Timothy Sandefur on: 'The Politics of Star Trek' (46.1mb podcast) (official Paramount Star Trek site) * (official Star Wars site) * (official Babylon 5 site) (official Farscape site) (official NBC Heroes site)
Google search on Heroes+NBC
(other Heroes) (original Battlestar Galactica at the SciFi Channel) (Battlestar Galactica fan page) * (Battlestar Galactica episode guide) (The SciFi Channel's new Battlestar Galactica) on the various 'Adamas' of Galactica on Lorne Greene and Edward James Olmos (official Stargate SG-1 site) (official Andromeda site)
(other Andromedas) on Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering (including Gil Gerard and Erin Gray)

Buck Rogers parody Duck Dodgers (Warner Brothers) on Flash Gordon (including Buster Crabbe) on 'Thunderbirds' TV series on 'Thunderbirds' 2004 movie
(other Thunderbirds) (Cartoon Network) (The Anime Network) (anime news) on Anime Music Videos (official Jackie Chan Adventures [animation] site) (official 'Kim Possible' Disney site) ('Duckman' fan page) (Duckman wave files [voiced by Jason Alexander]) (Ghost In The Shell [anime movie]) (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex [anime TV series]) (107 Ghost in the Shell Facts YOU Should Know!)

Google search on Netflix's Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 series (Robotech [anime TV series/movies])
(Google search on Robotech) (Practical Magic) (Avatar [James Cameron]}

Not to be confused with... (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Other Avatars (The Matrix) (official James Bond site) (Official 'Conan the Barbarian' site)
Other Conans

Joe Scott: The Most Scientifically Accurate Movies Of All Time

Science Fiction's favorite stars (literally!): ('Famous Stars' at (17.6mb podcast)

Alpha Centauri:
Alpha Centauri in fiction

Tau Ceti:
Tau Ceti in fiction

Epsilon Eridani:
Epsilon Eridani in fiction

40 Eridani: ...the home star of Vulcan?
40 Eridani in fiction

Barnard's Star
Barnard's Star in fiction

Wolf 359
Wolf 359 in fiction

Other real stars in Science Fiction:

The Nearest Stars to Earth: Says Wikipedia... ...and The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper (streaming YouTube video)

Galaxies in Science Fiction

Fictional Planets on Starships

NASA's space shuttle in fiction (Nuclear Spacecraft design, for science fiction and the real world) (Starmaps for science fiction and the real world [numerous links]) ('Broad Universe' Women in science fiction) on Women Science Fiction Authors on Feminist Science Fiction (Original, non-commercial Star Trek productions) (Original, non-commercial Star Trek productions)

Living in the 'Golden Age' of Star Trek webseries: (Jeffrey Hunter fan page) (William Shatner fan page) (official Leonard Nimoy site) (James Doohan at Memory Alpha)
The Wit and Wisdom of Montgomery Scott (Majel Barrett at Memory Alpha)
Majel's role as the standard starship computer voice (Patrick Stewart fan page)
Captain Picard's Words of Wisdom (official Kate Mulgrew site) (Scott Bakula fan page) (Jeri Ryan fan page)
'Sexy Jeri Ryan' on YouTube (viewer discretion advised)

Vulcan sub-commander T'Pol vs. former Borg Seven of Nine (Jolene Blalock fan page)
'Sexy Jolene Blalock' on YouTube (viewer discretion advised) (official Linda Park site) on Kirstie Alley and Robin Curtis as Saavik on Suzie Plakson as Dr. Selar (Vulcan), K'Ehleyr (Klingon), and Tarah (Andorian) (Colm Meany fan page) (Colm Meaney talks about which Irish accent he used for Star Trek) (Miles O'Brien Redefines What it Means to be an Irishman in Space)
(Colm was this Miles O' Brien, not to be confused with this Miles O' Brien) (Sigourney Weaver fan page) (official Amanda Tapping website)
PG-Rated, NSFW image of Amanda here (official Carrie Fisher site) (Official June Lockhart site) (official Mayim Bialik site) (with streaming audio)
Mayim starred as Blossom
Mayim's first appearance on The Big Bang Theory as Amy Farrrah Fowler
Mayim's views on science and religion
Mayim on women in science (official 'Elvira, Mistress of the Dark' site [Cassandra Peterson]) (Star Trek meets the Road Runner)
(other Road Runners) on Slash Fiction

Google search on Slash Stories on Real Person Fiction on Sex in Science Fiction

Harry Potter and more Fanfiction at NPR: (with streaming and downloadable audio) (SF/Fantasy with Irish setting)

Image of Enya-1 (official Enya Brennan [Eithne Ní Bhraonáin] site [Irish/Celtic/folk/New Age singer]) (Enya FAQ [frequently asked questions]) (Enya biography at (Enya song lyrics) (Enya video 'The River Sings' [Amarantine, 2005] 'Loxian' lyrics and English translation here) (The popularity of 'Orinoco Flow')
Enya sings Amarantine on CBS's 'Second Cup Cafe,' June 11, 2006 (video)
Enya's asteroid (6433) Enya (Clannad [Irish Band])
Clannad New Grange video and live performance (1997) (official Moya Brennan [Máire Ní Bhraonáin] site, Clannad lead singer, sister of Enya) (official Celtic Woman site) (YouTube presence) (Facebook presence)
Google search on 'Celtic Woman' (official Anúna site [Irish/Celtic choral group]) (official Eimear Quinn site [Irish/Celtic singer]) (official Loreena McKennitt site [Canadian Celtic singer]) (official Natalie MacMaster site [Canadian fiddle player]) (official Eileen Ivers site [Irish-American fiddle player]) (U2 [Irish pop band]) (The Saw Doctors [Irish band]) (Dervish [Irish band]) (Lúnasa [Irish band}) (Capercaillie [celtic/gaelic/world music]) (The Corrs [Irish band]) (Riverdance [Irish dancers]) (Afro Celt Sound system [West African-Celtic music])
Google search on Afro Celt Sound System) (Wild Geese [local Rochester Irish band]) (Facebook) (MySpace) (Emish [Western New York regional Irish band]) (Facebook) (MySpace) (YouTube video) (Kate Lee/No Strings Attached [Irish/American Country fiddler/singer]) (Facebook presence) (2017 Grammy win) (Ceol Céilí Celtic [and more] band, Colorado Springs, CO) (Rand simberg's favorite Irish artists) on Irish musical groups (All Celtic Music [Scottish-Irish Music retailer]) (National Public Radio's 'Thistle and Shamrock' show [Irish/Scottish/Celtic music] Host: Fiona Ritchie ) (Facebook)
WXXI FM/AM audio streams here (8:00pm ET Saturdays)

This Music Has No Borders: Scots-Irish Music In Appalachia, With Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr (5.6mb podcast) (Ted McGraw's 'Irish Party House' radio show [WRUR-FM, Rochester, NY]) ('Celtic Connections' radio show, BBC Scotland [UK]) (Celtic mp3 [free Celtic music/news]) (Celtic Cafe [celtic music/culture]) (Irish Radio Network USA) (Irish contemporary and traditional live music/Dublin webcams) (Irish live music) (other Irish/Celtic Internet streaming music sources)

Celtic Music
Music of Ireland
Music of Scotland


By the way, 'Celtic' is pronounced 'Kel-tic' and not 'Sel-tic' with the only exception being these guys from Boston. (Twelve Girls Band [China]) (official Charlotte Church site) (official Sarah Brightman site [classical/pop singer]) (Why Sarah Brightman cancelled her trip to space | CNBC Conversation [2019-01-13]) (official 'The Anonymous 4' site) (official K. T. Tunstall site) (Madonna fan page) (official Lady Gaga site)
Google search on Lady Gaga (Official Stevie Nicks site)
Google search on Stevie Nicks (Official Olivia Newton-John fan page) (Grace Slick fan pages)
Google Video search on Grace Slick (Drew Barrymore fan pages) (Official Mariette Hartley web site) on Sara Gilbert (General female celebrity images) * (Kathy Griffin, comedienne) (Chelsea Handler comedienne) (Xaviera Hollander) * (PBS News Anchor Margaret Warner) (Angelina Jolie fan page) (Sandra Bullock fan page) (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio fan page) (Diana Rigg fan pages) (Lucy Lawless fan pages) (official Milla Jovovich web site)

Commodores - 'Brickhouse' ('She's the one, the only one, built like an Amazon...')

'Plus size' model Ashley Graham
Ashley's mildly controversial commercial for Lane Bryant
Ashley's Facebook Fan Page
R-Rated, NSFW image of Ashley here
Google search on 'Ashley Graham model' (Gabrielle Reece Web Ring [athlete and model])*
Gabreille Reece material at
Gabby's mother, former dolphin trainer 6'2" Terry Glynn (1975 photo by Frank Glover) (Joanie Laurer [deceased, formerly 'Chyna,' WWF female wrestler]) ('The Great Fall of Chyna')
Joanie Laurer material at (WWE female wrestlers) (female wrestlers)

Ronda Rousey, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts fighter (Facebook presence)
Google search on Ronda Rousey (Rebekka Armstrong, former Playboy playmate and bodybuilder) (Anna Kournikova [tennis star/model])

'Tall and All' YouTube channel (Tall Women achievers from across the Globe)

'My Giant Life:' The lives of four women, 6'6" and taller, on The Learning Channel
Google search on My Giant Life (6'4" Mikayla Miles)
Mikayla Miles on Facebook
Google search on Mikayla Miles (6'5" Heather Greene [with links to other 'Amazon' women sites] And despite what you may have heard, she's neither 7'4" nor Dutch...) (6'3" 'Amazon Amanda' Soule)
Google search on 'Amazon Amanda' (6'8" Ana Luchia Barbosa) (YouTube)
Google search on Ana Luchia Barbosa (Svetlana Pankratova: Longest legged woman on Earth...!) (YouTube streaming video)

Tall Girl funny video (2021-06-13)

YouTube on Tall Girls and Tall Women on Famous Tall Women

10 Tall Female Celebrities at

The 'Statuesque Stunner' Trope:

25 Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing:

So, why aren't all women 'amazons' by now...? on Women Warriors

And more Women Warriors:

And still more Women Warriors: Adrienne Mayor and the Ancient Amazons of Western Russia (2020-01-12)

New Russian Gravesite Proves Amazon Warrior Women Were Very Much Real (2020-01-14)

The Amazon Connection ('Amazons' in society and literature)

TED-Ed on Amazons:

Amazons of Greek mythology

Google search on Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons

Snu-Snu: Futurama's Amazon Women In The Mood:
via YouTube and hulu

Steven Universe sings of 'A Giant Woman'

"The Modern Amazons: Warrior Women on Screen" by Dominique Mainon[deceased] and James Ursini (2006) at (Dominique Mainon on Cinema's Amazons and cyborgs) (26.6mb podcast)

'We Have Always Fought' Kameron Hurley Challenges the Women, Cattle, and Slaves Narrative

The Truth About Strong Female Characters:

Strong female characters who learned from their mistakes: on Female Action Heroes

Why Women Can Only Be Badasses in the Future:

James Cameron: How Hollywood gets action women wrong... on The Long List of Successful Action Movies Starring Women:

Storytelling Through Costume: The Badass Black Tank Top Walks the Line

Storytelling Through Costume: The Woman in White

'Amazon' (other meanings)

And speaking of Amazons...

DC Comics heroine 'Wonder Woman:'
Harvard professor/New Yorker contributor Jill Lepore's book: 'The Secret History of Wonder Woman' (21.9mb podcast) (Evolution of Wonder Woman in Cartoons in 14 Minutes [2017] - YouTube)
Pick your favorite Wonder Woman phase and costume...
So you think you know Wonder Woman, huh...?
Six heroes who had their asses kicked by Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman meets the Powerpuff Girls
Wonder Woman stories at
Wonder Woman TV show opener (Lynda Carter 1975, reimagined with Gal Gadot, 2016)
Wonder Woman TV show opener (animated 1978)
Wonder Woman movie trailer (animated 2009)
Wonder Woman TV show opener (unaired pilot, Adrianne Palicki 2011)
Wonder Woman fan-produced 'trailer' (2013)
Played by: Cathy Lee Crosby (here and here, 1974), Lynda Carter, Adrianne Palicki, and Gal Gadot
Google search on "Wonder Woman"

...and other no-nonsense heroines:

DC Comics heroine 'Hawkgirl:' (The Many, Maddeningly Convoluted Lives Of Hawkgirl)

Supergirl easily shops for clothes her size. Wonder Woman and Big Barda? Not so much...

DC Comics heroine 'Big Barda:' (Want to dress like Barda? Here's how...)
R-Rated, NSFW image of Barda here
Drawing Big Barda (Daniel HDR Art)
Big Barda Tributes here, here, here, and here
Big Barda and Wonder Woman, vs. Barda's former unit, the Female Furies
Google search on Big Barda

Marvel Comics heroine 'Shanna, the She-Devil:' (NSFW image - nudity) (Sheena/Shanna tribute [streaming YouTube video])
Shanna and her media sisters...
Google search on "Shanna"+"she-devil"

Other 'Jungle Girls'

Mandalorian heroine, 'Carasynthia Dune'
Played by Gina Carano

Power Girl and She-Hulk

Marvel Comics heroine 'She Hulk:' (The Untold Truth Of She-Hulk)

DC Comics heroine 'Power Girl:' (but is she the 'biggest' superheroine in DC Comics...?) (...Black Canary thinks so) ("Green Lantern used to ask me why I never wore a mask...") (Power Girl cosplay) ('I'm Power Girl, Dammit!' [fan-produced short movie, streaming YouTube video, starring 'Tawnya Manion'])
Google Search on Power Girl
Voiced by Allison Mack

Power Girl and Doctor Manhattan:

DC Comics heroine 'Black Canary'
Google search on Black Canary
Played by Danuta Wesley
Voiced by Jennifer Hale, Morena Baccarin and Grey DeLisle

Marvel Comics heroine, 'Black Widow' (Scarlett Johansson)
Played by Scarlett Johansson (Iron Man 2, The Avengers)

Marvel Comics/Robert E. Howard fantasy heroine 'Red Sonja:'
YouTube video
Red Sonja movie trailer
Played by: Brigitte Nielsen, voiced by Misty Lee

TV fantasy heroine 'Xena:' (multiple Xena links)
Google search for Xena lesbian/slash fan fiction
Google search on Xena
Played by: Lucy Lawless
('Eris' the dwarf planet breifly known as Xena')

Marvel Comics/Norse mythology heroine 'Sif' (Hero Worship - Lady Sif [2009-10-23]) (History and Origin of Marvel Comics' LADY SIF! [2020-12-22]) (movie tralier)
Played by Jamie Alexander
Google search on Sif

DC Comics villaness/antiheroine 'Catwoman' /ninelives/
Google search on Catwoman
Played by: Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Zoë Kravitz.

DC Comics heroine 'Batwoman' (not to be confused with Batgirl) (Facebook page)
Voiced by Vanessa Marshall, Yvonne Strahovski
Played by Ruby Rose
Google search on Batwoman

DC Comics villaness/antiheroine 'Harley Quinn' (History & Evolution of Harley Quinn in 7 Minutes [2019]) (HARLEY QUINN EVOLUTION (FULL) 1993-2017) (Batman and Harley Quinn - Trailer [animation, 2017]) (Harley Quinn and Her Team of Super Villains [animation, 2020]) (Birds of Prey [2020]) (Evolution of Arleen Sorkin: Harley Quinn in TV, Movies & Games (1992-2011) [2021])
Google search on Harley Quinn
Played by Mia Sara, Margot Robbie
Voiced by Arleen Sorkin, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Laura Bailey, Jenny Slate, Melissa Rauch, Laura Post, Kaley Cuoco (So...Is Harley Quinn Bi-Sexual? [2017])

Marvel Comics heroine 'Gamora:' (YouTube video)
Google search on Gamora
Played by Zoe Saldana

Marvel Comics villaness/heroine 'Elektra' (Elektra Barbie at
Fan produced CG animation at YouTube
Movie trailer at YouTube
Google search on Elektra+Marvel
Played by Jennifer Garner and Élodie Yung

Top Cow comics heroine 'Witchblade:' (comics) (TV series) (anime) (trailer)
A stunning Witchblade cosplay
Played by Yancy butler

Dark Horse comics heroine 'Ghost:'

Valiant comics heroine 'Zephyr' (Faith Herbert), the BBW superheroine... (Facebook fan presence)
Google search on Faith+Valiant comics

Marvel Comics superheroine group. the 'Lady Liberators': ady+Liberators%22&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq= (Google search)

Marvel Comics heroine 'Jessica Jones' (aka 'Jewel'): (comics) (TV series) (Jessica Jones at (History of Jessica Jones [Nov. 11, 2015 More, here]) (If the characters looked like their comic book counterparts...) (History of Jessica Jones [Nov. 11, 2015 More, here]) (Jessica Jones is My Hero) (Netflix trailer)
Played by Krysten Ritter
Google search on "Jessica Jones"

Video/computer game heroine 'Lara Croft'
Played by: Angelina Jolie

Video/computer game heroine 'Tifa Lockhart' (Tifa Lockhart cosplay video) (accurate breast movement video)
Google search on Tifa Lockhart
Voiced by: Rachael Leigh Cook

The Starfleet officer originally known to us only as 'Number One' (no, not this one), USS Enterprise First officer under Captain Christopher Pike, the character revived (and given the proper name of 'Una') in Star Trek: Discovery
'The Cage'
Played by Majel Barrett, Rebecca Romijn

Sadly, the NBC television network was not ready for a strong female character in the mid 1960's. They almost made Gene Roddenberry drop 'the guy with the ears' as they put it, as well...

...But eventually (and thankfully), we got Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager
Played by Kate Mulgrew

Star Trek: Voyager heroine 'Seven of Nine'
Played by: Jeri Ryan

Battlestar Galactica heroine 'Kara "Starbuck" Thrace' (mildly adult fan fiction) (YouTube video)
Played by Katee Sackhoff

Alien heroine 'Ellen Ripley'
Played by Sigourney Weaver (Sarah Conner [of Terminator 2] vs. Ellen Ripley [of Aliens])

Terminator heroine 'Sarah Conner'
Played by Linda Hamilton and Lena Headley

Movie heroine 'Ultra' Violet Song
UltraViolet movie trailer
Played by Milla Jovovich
See also: 'Ultraviolet: Code_044' anime
(Ultraviolet other meanings)

Anime/movie heroine 'Aeon flux'
Voiced by Denise Poirier
Played by Charlize Theron
Google search on Aeon Flux

Anime heroine 'Major Motoko Kusanagi' (Ghost in the Shell)
Google search on Major Motoko Kusanagi
Voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Played by Scarlett Johansson

Anime heroine 'Ryuko Matoi' (Kill La Kill) (official website) (official website [Japanese])

Anime 'heroines' 'Panty' and 'Stocking' (WARNING: Extremely NSFW for profanity/sexual references/violence):
Background of Panty
Background of Stocking (wiki) (transformation scene) (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Diet - English Dub) (Review) (More Review) (Panty and Stocking OFFICIAL Clip - The Demon Sisters Arrive!) (every use of the word 'fuck.')
Google search on Panty and Stocking

Resident Evil heroine 'Alice' (Should Alice be in the RE games? Milla thinks so...)
Played by Milla Jovovich

Underworld heroine 'Selene' (with 'Underworld Awakening' trailer)
Played by Kate Beckinsale (is she the Sexiest Woman alive...? [2013])

Jonny Quest heroine 'Jezebel Jade'
Jade asks a Race Bannon impostor to light her fire (but there are some ways in which a woman cannot be fooled...)
Google search on 'Jezebel Jade'
Voiced by Cathy Lewis

Animation heroine 'Kim Possible' (Disney) (series) (character) (official site)
Voiced by Christy Carlson Romano

Animation heroine 'Erin Esurance' (Esurance commercials) (Google search on "Erin"+"Esurance")
Voiced by Mo Mellady

But what happened to Erin...? (How Esurance lost Erin to Rule 34 of the Internet...)

Kick-Ass movie/comic heroine 'Hit Girl'
Trailers for 'Kick-Ass' and 'Kick-Ass2 (Caution: NSFW. profanity/violence) s
Played by Chloë Grace Moretz
Google search on 'Hit Girl'

Animation heroine 'Turanga Leela' (Futurama) ('Fry & Leela' Tributes [YouTube video]) (Google search on "Leela"+"Futurama")
Voiced by Katey Sagal

Movie heroine 'Cleopatra Jones' (trailer)
Google search on Cleopatra Jones
Played by Tamara Dobson [deceased]

TV heroine 'Honey West:' (TV show opening)
Played by Anne Francis
Google search on Honey West

Honey was the first action heroine who enthralled me, then a few years later, I met Emma... on agent Emma Peel of...

The Avengers (TV series) (with Patrick Macnee)
'Short Skirt and a Long Jacket:' A tribute to Emma Peel (video)
Played by Diana Rigg

...not to be confused with:

The Avengers (Marvel Comics) (movie trailer)

...or all these other 'Avengers'

Hanna-Barbera heroines at (artist: Carlos Mota),h_1477,q_75,strp/hanna_barbera_super_girls_by_carlosmota_d859ou6-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTQ3NyIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzMzZmI0MWYxLTVmOGEtNDY2Yy1hZTAxLTViNTM5MWYwNjUyZFwvZDg1OW91Ni1jM2NiNTAxMi0zZmU5LTQ4Y2YtOWViZi0zOWQzYWQ3NmE0NzMuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTEwMjQifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.CrKcLzbJFYSWw3zg7rvjDQJ5Pmscd7pbu1mEPr9ze4o (The Girls of Gaming [Action women from computer/video gaming]) (action heroines)

Taylor Swift touches on almost every no-nonsense, badass female trope in her 'Bad Blood' video:

Muddy Colors: Red Haired Warrior Women:

The SF/Fantasy Trope of Women Who Are 'Born Sexy Yesterday:'

'Women in Refrigerators' the perils of superheroines and other women in comics

The Students of Super Hero High: DC Super Hero Girls

Superheroines list at

Wikipedia on superheroes and supervillains

DC Comics hero 'Superman:' (he's the reason all the others are called superheroes...) (Superman | The Amazing Story of Superman Documentary Livestream | Warner Bros. Entertainment)
Played by Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Brandon Routh, Tom Welling, Henry Cavill, Tyler Hoechlin. See them all here and here.
Voiced by Bud Collyer(radio and animation), Tim Daly

Captain Marvel (multiple Captains, multiple comics...pick one) (Shazam! | The History of SHAZAM! Documentary Livestream | Warner Bros. Entertainment)

But it's been a long, hard road for the current Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers: (And do you even remember Monica Rambeau?) (Captain Marvel Evolution in Cartoons & Movies - Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel (2018)
Played by Brie Larson

DC Comics hero 'Batman:'
Played by Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck
Voiced by Olan Soule, Adam West, Kevin Conroy, Rino Romano, Diedrich Bader
Pick your favorite Batman phase...
If you were Bruce Wayne's doctor, what would you think was going on...?

Marvel Comics hero 'Spider-Man:'
Played by Nicholas Hammond, Takuya Yamashiro, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield. Tom Holland
Voiced by Paul Soles, Ted Schwartz, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Keaton, Jake Johnson, Shameik Moore

Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics | Full-Length Documentary | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Do We Need Gritty, R-Rated Superheroes?

Disney Princesses re-imagined as superheroines:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as horror characters:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as warriors:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as Punk Rock Heroines:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as sexy pin-ups: (NSFW, discretion advised)

Disney Princesses re-imagined as Moulin Rouge style dancers:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as Jedi and Sith:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as space warriors:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as different Ethnicities:

Disney Princesses re-imagined...less thin:

Disney Princesses Re-imagined as Noir-Inspired Femme Fatales:

Disney Princesses re-imagined as 'Black Urban Royalty'

Disney Princess oil paintings:

Disney Princesses in College:

Disney Princesses before reconstructive surgury:

Disney Princess Mash-Ups:

Disney 'Princes:'

What Disney Princesses gave up in the name of love...

Disney Princesses Swap Costumes with their Princes:

Disney Princesses as domestic abuse victims:

12 Princesses who may never make the Disney cut:

Disney Princess Cosplay: Battle Armor

If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair:

Disney Princesses in their Native Languages:

If Disney Couples Starred in "Fifty Shades of Grey (NSFW):"

Sexy Naughty Disney Princesses (video):

Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice: A Royal Roleplaying Adventure (Episode 1) (2019-01-01)

The Top 10 Female Characters in Sci-Fi TV and Movies:

The Best Female Characters Of Sci-Fi Film And Television:

Rotten Tomatoes on The 25 Best Action Heroines of All time: (2008)

50 Hottest Women of Science Fiction:

Playboy on the 10 hottest alien girls:

The Top 10 Sexy Female Aliens:

12 Most Powerful Female Characters in the Universe:

Top 10 Lead Female Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Characters:

Top 10 Hottest Non-Human Female Characters in Movies:

50 Sexiest Cartoon Babes:

Sexy Anime/CGI/Comic/Art Women (Google video): (60's superhero animation, and more)

Movie/Game Trailers: (DC Comics) (Marvel Comics) (Dark Horse Comics) (Top Cow Comics) (Archie Comics) ( [comics/SF/fantasy]) (comics) (Comic artist Alex Toth[deceased])

...and his creations for television:

Space Angel (Cambria Studios, 1962)
Google search on Space Angel

Space Ghost (Hanna-Barbera, 1966)
Google search on Space Ghost

The Herculoids (Hanna-Barbera, 1967) (Herculoid-based art at Deviant Art)
The ScoobyDoo gang attend a comic-con in Herculoids cosplay in this movie
Herculoids documentary
Original show opening and alternate opening
Google search on The Herculoids

Cartoonist Doug Wildey[deceased] and his TV creation:

Jonny Quest (Hanna-Barbera, 1964)
TV show opening and closing credits, and P.F Flyer sneaker commercial
Examining the Jonny Quest opening and closing scenes
Jonny Quest opening re-done with action figures...! (at io9 and Vimeo)
The origins of Jonny Quest (YouTube video series) (The Great Jonny Quest Documentary [2016-01-20])
Google search on Jonny Quest

Jonny Quest parody The Venture Brothers
TV show open

But before the Ventures, before Jonny, there was...Tom Swift! (the reflections of Jeff Duntemann on Tom Swift) (YouTube video)
Even TASER is an acronym for 'Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle' (though Tom's middle name has never been given)

Space adventurers 'Dig Allen'

'Tom Corbett, Space Cadet' (YouTube video)

'Rocky Jones, Space Ranger' (YouTube video)

'Captain Video and his Video Rangers' (YouTube video)

And the 'Space Patrol' (Trailer)
(Other Space Patrols) (More early television SF)

What happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons...? (2017-01-23) (2018-08-23)
Google search

...And relatedly, what ruined Hanna-Barbera?

Except for the original, prime-time Jonny Quest, and a spectacular late 1960's superhero periood, most Hanna-Barbera offerings were comedy and light adventure.
But once in a great while, Bill and Joe's characters could get pretty...dark: (known and unknown voice talents)

Genre Actors with Impressive Second Careers in Voice Acting:

Wikipedia on Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists

ASFA: The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists

The art of Robert McCall and Chesley Bonestell (official website) (official website)

Douglass Stewart on the art and life of Chesley Bonestell (2019-09-03)

Douglass Stewart and Ron Miller on the documentary film "Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future" (2020-12-04)

Fantasy/SF art of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell (official site)

Fantasy/SF art of Frank Frazetta (Facebook fan club)
Google search on Frank Frazetta

Fantasy/SF art of Kelly Freas
Google search on Kelly Freas

Fantasy/SF art of Vincent di Fate
Google search on Vincent di Fate

Fantasy/SF art of Ruth Thompson

'Toxic Angel' (Janne Pitkänen) Digital Gallery SF/Fantasy art

Cartouche Press SF/Fantasy art

Fantasy/SF art of Dorian Clevenger (mature themes)

'Sensual Arts' mature SF/Fantasy art

'SQP' mature SF/Fantasy art

The Deviant Art on-line community)

Artist Frank Cho

Artist/writer Phil Foglio site (general and mature comics/art)

Official 'Heavy Metal' site (mature comic)

Official 'ElfQuest' site (mature comic)
news:rec.arts.comics.elfquest (Facebook presence) (ElfQuest Fan 'Trailer')
Google search on "ElfQuest"

Official `Strangers in Paradise' site (mature comic)

'Omaha the Cat Dancer' (mature comic [defunct?])
Google search on Omaha the Cat Dancer

'Kevin and Kell' Net comic strip

'Namir Deiter' Net comic strip

'Peter is the Wolf' Werewolf anime (choose family-friendly or mature at the main page)

Steve Martin's 'Mauvette'

Fantasy art/sculpture from The Noble Collection

Ken Dodge's desktop wallpapers: ('Femme Fatales' mature depictions of women in film/TV/pop culture)

Are you looking for someone like yourself...?

Geek and Gamer Girls (streaming video, with cameos by Stan Lee, Katee Sackhoff):

Ariana Grande - Break Free ft. Zedd (music video):

Katy Perry - E.T. ft. Kanye West (music video):

ecw ..


Book Sources ( (Barnes and Noble) (Webster Used Books) (Bibliofind book price search) (Brockport Writers Forum) (Baen Free Library [science fiction])$HIgI:5SV4VqV5/ (Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature) (25 sources of free public domain books) (eBooks of all public domain works) (eBook resources) (eBook resources [free!])

So, just what is an e-book? ( compares e-Book readers) ( compares e-Book file formats) (Calibre open-source eBook reader/mamagement software for Windows/Mac/Linux)


Games ('Fatal1ty' [Johnathan Wendel]: The world's best gamer?) 19/60minutes/main1220146.shtml (Tomb Raider/Lara Croft) (Tomb Raider/Lara Croft) (The Girls of Gaming [Action women from computer/video gaming]) (LAN gaming center) (LAN gaming center) (EverQuest [on-line multiplayer game]) (The 4th Coming [on-line multiplayer game]) (Mankind [on-line multiplayer game]) (Ultima Online [on-line multiplayer game]) (Asheron's Call [on-line multiplayer game]) (computer role playing games) (Lucas Arts games) (Virtual Woman) ('America's Army' [game/recruitment tool/training]) (Serious Games [non-entertainment games]) on Serious Games
Google search on Serious Games (The 'Second Life' virtual community)
Second Life's system requirements
(Gogle search on 'Second Life')


Rochester Science Fact and Fiction Association (RSFFA) related

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John and Joann Hall's SF reading group and personal web page:

The Many Worlds of Steve Carper (Lactose Intolerance resources and more):

Jeff Duntemann (K7JPD) homepage

'The Stars Our Destination' bookstore [defunct?], Chicago, IL (Alice Bentley)

Nancy Kress homepage

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Amateur Radio call sign - KA2WQA

How old am I? It happens that I was born the very same day as this person (no, I'm not a fan of his, but it's a useful reference), which also makes me exactly three years younger than this person, and we all share a 'birthdate' with this character......

(1  And the domain name is available now, but it once belonged to this Indianapolis jazz musician....)

(2  No relation to this Glover, this Glover, this Glover, this Glover, this Glover, this Glover, or, as far as I know, any of these Glovers, though a good friend [ this picture, this picture, this picture and this picture ] believes I resemble this man. [as he appeared back in his Battlestar Galactica days and not to be confused with this man]. But the real me can be seen here [2001] and here [2008].)

Also: Me in a partial ISS mock-up (1998), and with dolphins 'Dee' (this picture and this picture, 1975 photos by Terry Glynn) and 'Florida.' (this picture, 1974 photo by Shelly Hannon)

   Space travel/exploration/commercialization have always been my primary interests. My interest in dolphins branched from that, due to the possibility that they are an intelligent life form that we share this planet with. Combining these ideas, my old Freewwweb username, [and instant message nicknames] 'delphinus,' is the constellation of the dolphin. For details, click here, here, here and here. (Other meanings for 'Delphinus')

RIP, June Cicero (1989-12-17), Charmaine 'Sherry' Partridge (1995-10-21), Dawn Rooker (2015-03-05).